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Headhunters or executive recruiters are charged with the responsibility of seeking and finding highly-experienced individuals; usually high-level executives or highly ranked business managers to fill executive vacancies in their client companies. Headhunters can also be contracted to find employees who are seeking more specialized careers in different fields. Headhunters are often hired to lure away individual employees from competitor firms and thus able to poach top talents in that field and bring them to the client company. Professional headhunting is, therefore, a very promising activity since companies will always want to have the competitive edge against its competitors and in order to realize this; they must be willing to hire professional headhunters to obtain for them the best employees (Stone, 2009).

Headhunting is of two types: retained headhunters and contingency headhunters. Both types function to find people for jobs and not vice versa and thus often very important for job seekers. Retained headhunters are hired by companies, when a position falls vacant in the company and they need a replacement. The retained headhunting firm then guarantees them to find the best candidate to fill the position having been paid up front. The firm is not made to compete with any other firm neither are they responsible, if the employee leaves shortly after. Contingency headhunters are made to compete in filling a vacant position in the client firm and the wining company gets paid after the candidate has filled that position. The payment is, however, not guaranteed since, in case the client leaves shortly after the placement, the contingency firm has to refund the money to the client firm (Stone, 2009).

Generally, headhunting is a lucrative field regardless of the type an individual is involved in. The headhunting firm always tries to establish relationships with the clients they have worked with and often maintain a high degree of professionalism and have in-depth understanding of their clients. Currently, there are changing trends in the way headhunting is done, people have embraced technology and with the onset of social networking and use of hacking as a recruiting skill, the old-fashioned telephone calls have been rendered outdated. Headhunters have currently resolves to some popular social networks to reach the desirable candidates and access to all the desired information by hacking their profiles. The demand for headhunters is likely to increase tremendously in the future, this is because many firms have cropped up, and thus, competition for the top skilled executive employees will even be much greater. Thus, a company will be force to require the services of a professional headhunter, who can be entrusted to bring on board the best candidate (Dublin, 1958).

The recruiting industry has grown very competitive; this has led to its expansion, as many companies show interest in getting associated with it. The Forbes website indicates that this industry constitutes very many agencies that have been noted to specialize in different industries as their clients. In this industry, the candidate is approached directly without having to apply for the vacant position. The industry employs research methodology to identify the most suitable candidate for a vacant position as noted by Harvey Nash. The headhunters keenly follow new developments in the business world to identify individuals who are prolific in certain field. These people become their target, if a related position is vacant in their client companies and they are, therefore, charged with the task of luring them to the company (Dubin, 1958).

Stanton Chase has grown to be a leader in the global business of searching for executives, they have expanded globally and their entrepreneurial services are available in many parts of the world. Internationally, this group focuses on consumer products and services, financial services, Life science and health care, Industrial services, logistics and transportation and technology. The company also offers: government, education and other non-profit services, natural resources and energy and professional services (Dubin, 1958).

The firm is committed to providing the best experience for clients that is personalized to suit their needs and always very detailed. They are known for their close listening to the requirements of the client. The firm takes it upon itself as a responsibility to understand the needs of the client and react appropriately and in an orderly manner. Stanton Chase has enhanced competition in the headhunting industry and has proved to be effective in ensuring that clients have the competitive edge by taking into consideration the uniqueness of different firms. The Miami branch, for instance, was established so as to provide executive search business of high quality for the state of Florida. This company has grown so popular that they were the first executive search firm given authority by the Federal Government so as to work on a retainer basis. This is thus one of the best companies to work with in this industry due to its reputation and straightforwardness (Stone, 2009).

For an individual to best fit in this field, he must be well informed of what is expected of him during practice. This field requires creativity, constant communication with the targeted candidate and with other consultation firms. The individual must be ambitious, energetic, bright and enthusiastic. One must be ready for very challenging situations that call for very sound decision making. The most successful headhunters possess degrees in relevant areas of study, which may include courses in Business Development, Business Communication, and Bachelor of Arts in Communication, communication studies and arts (Dubin, 1958).

In conclusion, I would like to admit that the bottom line of success in this industry depends on the individual qualities. The desired characteristics, which are not necessarily essential may include: confidence in oneself, good communication abilities and problem solving skills, as well as being intelligent and having the drive to carry on with one’s quest.

My Dream Job. Custom My Dream Job Essay Writing Service || My Dream Job Essay samples, help

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