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Today we are delighted to have a visitor who is going to speak to us on various academic issues.  The person standing before us is my role model and has played a major role in moulding me to be the person that I am today.  One of the principles that have been guiding my life is hard work that is shown in him.The person's name is Prof. Oliver, who is a PhD holder in law. He attained his bachelor and doctorate degrees in Harvard University. He is currently working in his law firm and has employed other advocates. Prof. Oliver was once a lecturer in Michigan State University where he first worked with his colleagues on a book on how to motivate students on academic achievement. I came across this book in a bookshop as I was going to look for a mathematics textbook to help me improve on my poor mathematics grades. I bought the books and this is the time when i got to know him. Through reading his book, he influenced me in various aspects through his individual characteristics, achievements and values which he holds as per what he wrote in the book. I am glad to have always had an opportunity of encountering teachers and professionals who I honour for their tolerance and intellectual ability. Prof. Oliver has moved me through his ability and capability. He is considered a leader through numerous contributions that he has made to education (Wooden & Tobin, 2004). He has pushed most of the people I being one of them to self-excellence and achievements of goals set. He has been tolerant person and very understanding when approached for advice. His ability to empower and to motivate can only be explained by his accomplishments. I embrace enormous admiration for how he stands up for what he believes in.I strongly believe that Prof. Oliver will be of great help to us both in the part of academic achievement and our day to day life. Take note of whatever he will say and put into practice since I am sure that it is of great importance to us. I expect maximum cooperation from you as we hear from him.
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The Person I Admire Most. Custom The Person I Admire Most Essay Writing Service || The Person I Admire Most Essay samples, help

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