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I am Mohammed Sanjaria a 22 year old student pursuing International relations in an American university. I have my roots in Iran but my parent's etymology is Iraq. My father is a religious leader and a writer whereas my mother, although from a geographical location where education for women is not considered, is a Mathematics Degree holder. I have lived both in Syria for have a decade and in have been in America since 2001 totaling to a 9year stay.However due to the political instability during the reign of Warlord Saddam Hussein my dad left Iraq.  Being an Iraq native, I am conversant with the Iraq Arabic language that I speak fluently without hurdles although I also speak other languages such as English and French. Moreover the language is the commonly used lingua franca in Arabic nations.My backyard is in Karbala governorate that is home to the Shrine of Imam Hussein. The common source of living for the Karbala inhabitants is farming although the basic export commodity was oil. I am a Muslim and since my dad was a religious leader well groomed with Islamic doctrines, I grew in an atmosphere where religion practices were highly upheld for instance Islam doctrine obliges every follower to observe prayers on Fridays and this molded me to be what I am today.In Islam contributions in form of the commonly known Zakat are a key principle that ensures the less fortunate members of the society are helped. In this regard I was obliged to be giving out to the needy persons; making me a generous individual that I suppose is the common ideology in most of the religions in the world involves me in prayers every day. Moreover religion has shaped me to whom I am today.
My parents are great persons in my life; my father showers me with guidance on life's presumptions, he accordingly advises me on how to live as a man and assume manly duties. He also keeps a hawk eye on my academic performance up to this day. My father ensures that my fee is paid in time to ensure that I remain focused on books in a bid to shun outside interference.On the other hand my mother remains an epitome of greatness since she gives me morale to live the day as it comes and also remain in religion, maintaining respect for the elderly and helping the needy among other virtues.  For instance she told me that the elderly disrespect for the elderly would amount to curses and bad life for me.
Moreover she emphasizes that cultural barriers should not limit my set out objectives and vision since for example she overcame cultural barriers against girl child education to become a mathematics expert. My Dad also highlighted to me the duties and responsibilities that a man is supposed to follow and the actions men are to shun. For instance he cautioned me against meddling in women affairs and also on some cultural misdeeds such as involving in domestic violence, for instance beating up my wife.Although I am yet to marry, such realization and customs shape my anger containment strategies, structuring my conflict resolution mechanisms. For example, even here in campus I result to dialogue as a means of resolving conflict instead of exchanging blows. For instance, a recent disagreement with my college mate that had boiled up to the point of engaging in fights was amicably settled after I opted for dialogue.Subsequently such measures have earned me respect in the college and beyond, thanks to my parent's unending guidance. Apart from the nuclear family, other members of the extended family such as my grandparents offer a stepping stone to where I am today. Owing to their age it is evident of their vast experience in life. Due to this they nurtured me to the current human being; they articulated the need for education for better life. For instance, they argued that their current status in society would have been better if they were educated.Through such narrations by the aged, I strived hard to see to it that I make it in life academically on merit. Furthermore, my grandparents assert that employment was only for the educated thus I should study and even the skies should limit. In conclusion, growing up in a middle class family and at a time of financial recession, I adopted a no pain-no gain strategy that ensured I labored to get what I wanted.For example I would engage in mere jobs such as construction work and farming into our farm to supplement the little income my parents were getting. This hardship experience occasioned my thirst for knowledge explaining my current situation. For example such experiences made me yearn for a better life in future for me and my family. In conclusion, i would like my upcoming family to embrace hard work, education and most importantly uphold religious doctrines.

Autobiography. Custom Autobiography Essay Writing Service || Autobiography Essay samples, help

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