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“Giving birth to a child is not a task but the task lies in bringing up the child”, these are the words that have formed a reflection of my life right from the moment I was young up to the time am in college. Right from childhood, my life has always been rocked with various problems ranging from education to general life experiences. Coming from a poor and humble family background, going through both primary and high school education was hell because my parents could rarely afford my school fees. Despite these hardships, I was encouraged by my parents to work hard in life in order to attain success. In my entire life my parents have insisted on hard work. It was therefore, no surprise that I was able to take this advice and achieved the best grades at primary level which helped me join the top high school in my home country. I had a strong believe that success will only be achieved through hard work.  

Having done well in my high school, I had a big dream of going for further studies abroad or overseas, but I never imagined how this could occur bearing in mind my humble and poor background. All in all I never gave up; I continued praying to the Almighty God for my plans and dreams to come true. I always devoted myself in prayers and meditation for God to help me succeed academically so that I could uplift the living standards and general welfare of our family. I never lost hope in life and I was pretty sure that one day, God could definitely answer my prayers and enable me pursue my educational dream.

It came as a surprise that one day as I was sitting in our home compound, I saw some two gentlemen approach our compound. They simply introduced themselves as Mr. Kungfu and Hangwu. After welcoming them, they said they had a busy schedule and that having read my plight in one of the local dailies in our country they had offered to come to my rescue. They told me that through their Non-Governmental Organization “Student Airlift”, they had come to inform me that they have offered me a scholarship to the United States of America to study a course of my own choice. Truly speaking, I never imagined it was a reality, in fact, I thought it was a dream until when they took my details and contacts. My parents who were around were very shocked, with their mouths wide open. They assured me that I will report to the U. S. A in the following semester and that they were going to process my Visa and everything that could be required for my studies.    

The start of the next semester got me in the First Class unit of a plane at our International Airport ready for takeoff to the United States of America. I had an agreement with my donors that I should endeavor to achieve the best grades after which my employment with the best organizations in the country was guaranteed. I assured them that I will do my best to ensure that I achieve the best grades in my studies. On reaching the United States, I found that it was a land of great opportunities. One thing I am very sure of is that this is a God-given opportunity which I should utilize well in order to uplift the economic and financial status of my family. I know that this can only be achieved through hard work. 

My Life. Custom My Life Essay Writing Service || My Life Essay samples, help

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