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When other parent's hopes were that their children should have bright future, thanks to my dearest father for giving me an opportunity to be myself. Do you know that according to the traditional Chinese folklore, daughters were fathers' lovers, inside their last life cycle? When I read about this folktale, I thought it to be funny. However, if it is true, then our lives must end peacefully and joyfully. We must have walked through heavens to come to the present. Now, I am your favorite daughter and you are my dearest father.I was a stubborn and a naughty child during the early age of my childhood. I walked bare footed and skipped in muddy places. When our neighbors' children passed by our house with their awards, my mother always felt disappointed. When our neighbors' daughters were learning ballet or practicing piano, I was jumping around bare footed. Although that was being naughty according to my mother, I enjoyed the self-accomplishment of standing on the ground firmly on my own with my naughty behaviors. Nevertheless, you comforted me and told me that I was the happiest girl of them all. Congratulation for granting me such a grand childhood; truly you are my hero!I was apathetic and reticent in middle school. When all of my peers were trying to be class executives, I liked to sit aside and read quietly. I always found happiness when my mind had to flow with books even though that seemed too eccentric for a middle school student. When my mother was ready to give me long lectures because our neighbors' children had won different kind of awards, again you stopped her and told me that I was your champion Thank you for your encouragements; I really cherish your wisdom.
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Finally, I am in high school. Mother hopes that I excel but you always encourage me by saying that you believe I am the best. High school life is exciting but difficult. I experience a lot of pressure in my studies. I work very hard in readiness to not only get good college grades but also to be ready to contribute to the society's wellbeing. My mother does not agree with me on this, but you convinced her to give me a leeway. Thank you for trusting me.

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After my final year, I will move on to a new level. I know you might not be around for me anymore, but your love will always be a fountain of eternal inspiration to me as I charter my own destiny. Thank you once more for being there when I needed you most in my childhood; you gave me the sweetest and the happiest moments. You also allowed me to be myself. Please trust that your daughter will no doubt get out of the woods! My dear parents worry not about me anymore. Forgive my inadequacy during my formative years but I am now confident I will never do that again.If the traditional Chinese folklore is anything to go by, please let me become your mother in the next life cycle! I promise I will allow you to be yourself that you may also charter your own destiny.

A Love Letter to My Father. Custom A Love Letter to My Father Essay Writing Service || A Love Letter to My Father Essay samples, help

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