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Letter to a Prospective Employer

During my years of studying I have taken a number of core and major-related courses that allow me to successfully perform the tasks of a social worker. Among the core courses the most valuable and relevant for this specific position were Communication Course and Social Science course. There were two Communication courses that I took in my first and second year of studies. They are extremely valuable as they gave me an insight into the communication with different people. I’ve learned to communicate effectively with people of different tempers, dispositions, attitudes, and backgrounds. This will help me a lot when being as a social worker. The Social Science course was valuable because it educated me on the way people interact in a group. I’ve learned about various group dynamics; and how an individual human being is constantly influenced by the environment he/she lives in. This knowledge will help me deal with people better as I will be able to assess their environments and understand the motivation and reasoning behind their actions.

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Talking about specific field-related course, I have taken a number of them. I would especially like to point out such courses as Risk Management, Psychology for Law Enforcement, Community Policing, Applied Criminal Justice Ethics, and Introduction to the Criminal Justice System.

To begin with, an Introduction to the Criminal Justice System acquainted me with the general organization of this system in the United States. It gave me a solid theoretical foundation that makes me effective in my field of work as I understand well the underlying principles and practices of the system. Community Policing introduced the ways to handle different criminal situations. There were a lot of discussions and case studies to refine our critical thinking skills and our judgment about a number of criminal and social issues resolution. Risk Management course is one of the most valuable ones as it provided practical experience with risk situations. The students were challenged to overcome particular risky situations that could be either simulated in class or encountered in everyday life. A variety of tests was introduced to help us better understand out personality types and our coping styles. All these allowed me to evaluate my strong sides and helped me to work on my weaker sides.

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Another important course was Psychology for Law Enforcement. It combined both the general psychological notions and those topics that were especially needed in law enforcement. We focused a lot on the human brain functioning under stressful situations and the ways human beings can respond to perceived or real threat. The students were even asked to conduct an interview with a person who has been through a dangerous situation and ask him/het to recollect the thoughts that went through their mind at that time. This task gave us a chance to understand psychological processes on a practical example. Finally, Applied Criminal Justice Ethics course was a great opportunity to learn the ethical side of criminal justice. I have acquired the skills to stay true to my integrity even in extraordinary situations where one can sometimes have a desire to bend the rules or act unethically. During our classes we were challenged to resolve a considerable amount of ethical issues as well as come up with our own situations and act out different scenarios of such events. All those courses, combined with the thorough education in eight essential skills (reading, writing, research, planning, observing, thinking, interviewing, and communicating) have made me well-educated person with the needed skills and theoretical knowledge for the position of social worker.

After completing my Bachelor’s Degree I have acquired a number of important skills that will be extremely helpful while performing different tasks of Social Worker profession. First of all, I’ve got high level of communication skills, which was achieved by several communication courses and a variety of projects that were assigned to all students. I was particularly careful to do my best job and learn how different speaking partners can affect the conversation.

Since the beginning of my education I tried to master the subjects very well because I understood the value of strong education. As a result I have a sufficient knowledge of my discipline and I’m willing to apply all the acquired skills and knowledge in my workplace. Together with that, I was always striving to improve my knowledge and understanding of different subjects. Self-development was always on my mind. I read many field-specific literature, attended the seminars organized by the university, and developed my general knowledge about fields related to my own profession.

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Our university put a particular stress on integrating theoretical knowledge with practice. We were required to do a number of projects in order to apply the learnt material and see how different theories work in real life. This was one of the most valuable aspects of my education because I was able to learn about some possible situations that I might encounter during my work. Moreover, ethics and professional behavior was also stressed. All of our projects and class work had to be done by our own efforts; and plagiarism was severely punished. Even these rules help us develop ethical behavior that also gives an advantage in the career. I have received great skills in conducting research and analyzing data and events. This will be valuable for social work because it is often needed to analyze a situation correctly or to draw logical conclusions from the documents and form people’s personal accounts. To conclude with, it is worth noting that I was also trained in problem-solving skills. With these skills, I believe I can bring a valuable addition to a new workplace and become a dedicated and successful Social Worker.

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