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My immense interest in business has its origins in the influence of my family. My father, uncle and my cousins are all in the field of international business. They are all interested in carving out a niche in the booming economic environment in China. I have always found myself greatly influenced by their interest in international business. This is why I aspire to become a successful businesswoman and turn this ideal into a career goal. This was my motivation for choosing commerce to be my undergraduate course.My studies and professional work indicate the experience that I have acquired from different perspectives, including international trade, stock investments, wealth management, and financial planning. The knowledge that I acquired in my academic courses enabled me build many professional skills as well as develop a strong foundation financial matters.At the University of Toronto, the bachelor of commerce degree exposed me to many aspects of international business, particularly in my area of specialization, which was in finance and economics. At work, I relish the experience and far-reaching exposure that I have obtained so far while working as financial analysis associate at Grandbay Press Ltd.In this capacity, I am assisting the financial director in various financial and ongoing accounting matters, and I feel thoroughly motivated by the tasks of providing accurate and timely financial assistance, as well as analyzing and interpreting all financial results and forecasts that are put before me. The ultimate goal in this job is to identify various financial repercussions of organizational decisions.
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In the various university projects that I have already analyzed, I have recognized many corporations that are going through restructuring and repositioning activities without taking into consideration the globalization factor. During my internship at Alpha financial, I was able to review many inappropriate wealth plans of clients as well as unsatisfactory investment results that were due to lack of awareness of the foreign economic environment and market dynamics. I feel obliged to help clarify the instances of confusion that arise from ignorance among investors. My aim is to help them in identifying the competitive advantages of their firms and to offer them the assistance that they need to maintain sustainable development. I am also interested in providing professional advice to various corporations that are entering into the international markets with ineffective strategies, in order to help them avoid incurring huge losses.As an all-rounded person, I engage in very many extracurricular activities, the most significant ones being drama, and team leadership activities. During drama festivals, I was the social director as well as the lighting operator. In terms of leadership, I was the student union leader for one year. 

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In order to accomplish this goal, I intend to seek exposure to international business and management issues that are of strategic importance. I want to prepare myself through professional training that can be applied across multiple platforms. This explains my eagerness in pursuing advanced business studies.My exposure to the international environment is on record, having spent seven years of primary education in China and another seven years of advanced education in Canada. I have faced enough experiences for shaping me into an all-rounded person. Yet I feel that I am still one step away from launching a successful career in international business. I attribute this realization to the summer abroad exchange program that was offered by the University of Toronto in conjunction with Hong Kong University. It motivated me to study international business up to an advanced level.The modules that this program offers allow me to learn a lot about global business in the European cultural environment, whose peculiar challenges will shape my perspectives positively. I regard the master's degree at Manchester Business School to be a continuation of the studies I undertook at the undergraduate level.Last year, my GPA was average and it has been moving at an impeccable upward trend. This is evident in the fact that I scored an average of A in the recent midterm exams. I consider this a notable achievement since it counts greatly towards the overall improvement of my GPA score.Upon completing the master's degree, I intend to follow my aspirations in the business world, by joining a global corporation. I will be keen to join the overseas operations department of such an organization in order to accumulate as much practical experience as possible. Ultimately, I aspire to take over my family's business and take it to great heights of success internationally. This is why I am eager for a chance in your program.

Statement of Purpose. Custom Statement of Purpose Essay Writing Service || Statement of Purpose Essay samples, help

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