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Personal Essay
I am a thirty eight year old single mother of one, applying for a scholarship to fund my studies in information technology. I have am deeply interested in the information technology field.  My interest in computers started 18 years ago when I started a small sales company. We did everything manually for the first three years. Then I purchased a computer, taught myself how to use it, and three months later, I designed a database to use for my unique business. I've been in love with computers since that time and currently, I sell my database programs to other in the same line of business as my company. Designing websites and databases has since become my hobbies. All the computer expertise that I have is self taught and I believe that if I further my studies in this field, I can make the best out of my interest in computers.There is much I need to learn for me to excel in this field and that is why am interested in going back to school at this age because further studies will open me to the expansive world of computers. My desire to learn and my life long goals will help me to excel in my studies. My objective is to start an Information Technology business upon completion of my studies. As a single mother of one taking care of an ailing mother, I cannot afford to foot my college fees given that my business went down two years ago and I make a living out of the part time office administration job I got recently. This scholarship will help me to buy IT equipment that I need for my course. It will also help me in purchase of books and other school implements. I hereby apply for a scholarship, hoping that my application will be considered.

Personal Essay. Custom Personal Essay Essay Writing Service || Personal Essay Essay samples, help

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