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In this essay I would like to describe one of my personal achievements which helped me be a lot in deciding the quality of my personality and building up my career. The day I was born, my fate was sealed. I had no other option but to follow a path paved by someone else. Right to freedom did not apply for me. Both of my parents were in business. They had worked hard to set up their own factory of wax and since eight years, it has been the number one. Of course, I appreciate their sweat. All they did was to secure my life. They suffered all the hardships in life so that I can go to a good school, get quality education and stand up against the challenges of life. But is it right if they push me into their business? Yes, it’s true that they have already decided that I will be joining our home business and take over its administration. But I had my own plans. I wanted to study. It was my parents who inspired me to study hard. When I was a kid, one day a man came to my home and started pleading before my father. I didn’t know anything about the matter. Later I came to know that he had come for some financial help. He had undergone a monetary crisis lately. It was all because of being unable to understand a contract paper properly. He felt ashamed in asking someone’s help. So he neglected it. He feared that people may laugh at him. The market crashed and he could not insure his shares. All of this chaos was just because he did not have enough knowledge to understand the contract. That day my parents showed me a live example of the importance of education. Thus it was my parents who inspired me to gain all possible knowledge. But they expected me to study MBA and join our company. I wanted to become a writer and in future, a critic. It was then that I decided to prove myself before them. It was only way I could have made them realise that there is another option that is better for me. I wanted exploit that option. So I started preparing to win over their mind. At that time I didn’t know how my parents will feel regarding my new, rebellious nature. The only thing that came in front of my sight was to prove myself before them that I can do better than business.

In the path of my revolution, my first target was my English teacher at school. I wanted to gain her trust. It was she who could convince my parents to let me go abroad and enter an international writing competition. Only then I would be able to stand before my parents and put my demands. So I started attending her classes regularly. I even followed her to the staff office with any doubt that hit my mind. Slowly she started noticing me. I was now listed among some of the toppers in my school. It was really a milestone in my career. This was because I got some grace points in the intra-school writing competition because of her. Of course it was not just her help. I had practiced hard too. But luck also counts.  She then recommended by name to the principal for the inter-school writing competition. “Tring Tring.  Wake up buddy. There is no one who is going to give you impression marks now”, I said to myself. So it was high time I should start practicing. I started reading books, current affairs, internet blogs and anything I came by. The contest was a month later. Every day I felt the time passing by faster than any other day of my life. I studied even harder. Finally the day came and I came out victorious. I had climbed the first step to reach my ambition. This made my teacher trust immensely on me. She tried to convince my parents to let me take part in the international writing competition. At first they denied because they did not want me to go abroad. But at last, after a lot of drama, they let me take part. I participated as the only candidate from my state. The competition was tough. Around fifty students took part in it. They were the best from their respective states. The competition included three rounds. In the first two rounds, we were given specific topics to write on. There was some word limit to which we had to restrict our essays. 37 of the contestants got eliminated in the first two rounds. Luckily I passed in both of them. The third round was a tricky one. No topic was given to us. We were to write on anything we want. Creativity was the criteria. Thinking for a few minutes, I decided to write a story. I thought it would be a bit different from others. The competition had got even tougher. The remaining participants were obviously the best. They cannot be underestimated. With shaking hands I submitted my essay to the invigilator. The results were to be declared after an hour. To overcome my nervousness, I started to roam here and there. Then came the moment I feared the most. The results were going to be declared. I felt very bad when the first prize was not announced in my name. But I got the second prize for writing along with the best content award. I was awarded a silver medal for my achievement.

I came down from the stage. A strange feeling was flowing through my veins and my heart skipped a beat.  Tears rolled down my eyes as I thought how proud my parents will feel. But then suddenly I realised that my parents may not like it as they never wanted me to become a writer. They always dreamed of making me administrate our family business. Random thoughts kept on striking my mind. Now that I have proved myself, will they allow me to pursue my own destiny? Will they realise how important it’s for me to become a critic and that can only be achieved if I prove myself as a good writer. With a questioning mind, I went in front of them. Even before listening to me, they hugged me and said, “son, we never wanted you to live our dream. We just wanted you to see your own dream and at the same time, fulfil it”. “We are proud that you have proved yourself, not to us, but to your inner instinct.” Then only I realised proving them, that I can do it my way, was not an achievement. I was able to stand up to my own expectations. That was the achievement that made my goal worth pursuing. Looking into my own eyes in the mirror I can proudly say, “I have done it. I can do even more. I just need to take the step forward”. This achievement of mine has helped me a lot in deciding strongly in favour of my goal in life. It didn’t teach me that my aim was right. Instead it taught me that the way I was devoted to reach my aim and fulfil my dreams was the best. It made me a person who can now take decisions for himself and work hard to become successful.

My Personal Accomplishment. Custom My Personal Accomplishment Essay Writing Service || My Personal Accomplishment Essay samples, help

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