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Resistance Art in Los Angeles. Custom Resistance Art in Los Angeles Essay Writing Service || Resistance Art in Los Angeles Essay samples, help

The goal of this essay is to analyze Villa’s piece ‘Aqui estamos y no nos vamos’, Von Blum’s piece ‘Resistance Art in Los Angeles’, and Austin’s piece ‘Tale of two cities and Taking the Train’. Specifically, it will focus on the main thesis, framing stories, origins of the cultures, and the construction of writing. Hopefully, this will further improve our understanding of the Villa’s, Von Blum’s and Austin’s pieces.

According to Paul Von Blum’s piece, Resistance Art is a medium for documenting social changes occurring in the environment and its surrounding. Specifically, it highlights the oppression, racial discrimination and any other forms of digressions people are subjected to. In his article, Paul shows us the visual outlook of Los Angeles and its marvelous artistic landscapes. Furthermore, he effectively explains how social change in Los Angeles has been influenced by Resistance Art. In his submission, he also describes Resistance Art as a way in which artists from different racial and social backgrounds blend photography, imagery, and art collected from historical mural to influence future generations and sensitize them on disturbing issues.

Villa’s piece describes how South California especially Los Angeles has experienced social, economic, and political changes due to the increasing immigration of Latinos. He further documents the multidimensional change in identity brought about by the immigration of Latinos to Los Angeles. Especially, he explains how Latinos are motivated by the need to spread their cultural identities and assert their social values in the metropolis. He has used the views of artists and even geographers to uncover the gradual transformation of the social and cultural identities associated with the Latinos within the barrio’s social and cultural space. According to Austin, framing stories can be viewed as a story within a story where the inner and most important story is covered by an outer story which acts like its frame. Framing stories precede the main story and normally bring meaning to the circumstances being discussed. In his book ‘Taking the Trains’, Austin explains that writing culture emerged as a means of networking between different people in different neighborhoods. Alternatively, it expressed the Great Traditional Style and the Throw Ups as being different. Austin further elaborates how, during the early seventies, the poor youth from urban communities turned to massive graffiti projects to prove their worth. He explains how they altered the writing traditions to craft their initials and draw their names. They drew their inspiration from billboards and magazines. Undoubtedly, this created a struggle between the city and the writers. The city authorities came up with expensive ways of eradicating the graffiti, leaving the city’s needs unattended to, thereby creating a crisis.


 It is worth noting that all these pieces of literature have succeeded in educating us on the values and origin of our unique culture. Particularly they have expressed the need of upholding these cultural values. 

Resistance Art in Los Angeles. Custom Resistance Art in Los Angeles Essay Writing Service || Resistance Art in Los Angeles Essay samples, help

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