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There is a dire need to protect children against the flaring rates of divorce in all parts of the world more so in America, Germany and the United Kingdom. Divorce is now a sweeping wave and a trendy thing to do for most young couples. According to the based statistical figures, there were a total of 987,460 cases of divorce in America alone in the year 2009 and the figures escalated in the 2010 and 2011 by 13% and 14% respectively. Similarly, cases of single parenthood, neglected and abandoned children, child abuse and population of street children also increased at an alarming rate during this period. It, therefore, goes without say that high rate of divorce is squarely to blame for the ever increasing problems facing children across the world.

Needless to say, divorce is a clear sign of civic irresponsibility. Young women and men who venture into marriage prematurely opt to walk out of their marriage in the face of prevailing challenges without even considering the implications of their action on their own children. Surprisingly enough, most of the reason this irresponsible lot of parents give for their divorce do not make up at all. Most of the young couples do not want to leave their roving lives for the sake of families and children; they see children as a bother and a burden that deprive them of their own wild lifestyles. The genuine causes of divorce constitute only 15% of the total cases. This is a serious oversight, which must not be tolerated by any serious government agency. Divorce should not be readily granted to revoke marriages that involve a child or children before throughout forensic audit is conducted to assess validity of the claims and further determine the future of children.

Although divorce grossly affects physiological and emotional well being of children leading to behavioral problems such as drug abuse and premature sexual ventures (Knox & Schacht 2012), the safety of the couples is of paramount importance. Divorce should strictly be authorized in genuine cases, which cannot be resolved such as domestic violence after the completion of thorough assessment of the situation at hand, but not for the convenience of irresponsible men and women whose core agenda is to evade the hustle of parenting their children. In cases where the life of a parent is in danger out of the never ending cycles of domestic violence, abuse of any nature back at home and constant threat of divorce should be authorized regardless of the children’s status, because this could easily lead to loss of the human life, either children or one of the couples.

Statistics shows that domestic violence is the number one cause of divorce, especially if one of the couple is a drug addict, alcoholic and involves in extra marital affairs. Therefore divorce should be authorized in such broken families, in the presence or absence of children, to enable the victimized couple seek a safe haven along with a child or children. This should be done as soon as possible for the sake of protecting the human lives, because if the prevailing situation moves out of hand, domestic violence can claim the precious life of a child, the victimized couple or both indiscriminately.

In conclusion, couples with children are under an obligation to stay together for the sake of children unless the situation is so much unbearable back at home. If one marriage partner turns violent and the resultant home environment is unfriendly to children or the other couple then divorce is authenticated. In this case, the custody of the child goes to the sane parent or the government agency.

Flaring Rates of Divorce. Custom Flaring Rates of Divorce Essay Writing Service || Flaring Rates of Divorce Essay samples, help

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