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According to Kerzner (2009), projects can go off schedule to various factors. Among the most common leading causes for projects moving past their deadlines includes, underestimating the work involved and exceeding the budgeted resources. In addition, the activities required to complete a given project, can at times be simplified when making a project schedule. Either way, the projects ends up going beyond the projected period for its completion.

The New Technologies compensation and benefits revamping project faces such hurdles. The budgeted funds for the project are nearly depleted. In addition, the project is off the tract implying that there is possibility of exceeding the limited period. To get the process on tract there a variety of methods that projects teams can apply to ensure that they get their tasks on track. These methods include; working extra hours, reallocating the resources, swapping the resources, checking out the dependent factors, reviewing the constrained activities, crashing the project schedule or fast tracking the activities. Additionally, going beyond the scope of scheduled activities can lead to the project taking more time (Hall, 2002). To counter such constraining factors, the project manager should first determine the causes of the project going beyond its scheduled period. After determining the causes, s/he should outline an action plan to put the activities on the right track.

The first action should be to crashing the project schedule. This is the process whereby additional resources should be applied to the critical activities. A project critical path or critical activity sequences should be prioritized to ensure that the entire project gets completed in time (Phillips, 2004).

Secondly the project should be fast tracking; this can be done through determining the activity sequence that can be carried out at the same time (Lock, 2007). In other words, the project manager should determine those activities in the project’s critical path that can be done in parallel. This means assigning activities to different teams to be done at the same time, instead of completing the tasks step by step.  

Thirdly the team should determine the constraining activities that can be done by one or more people without affecting the period it would take to complete such tasks. This means that the human resources can be reassigned to other tasks without affecting their completion. Such activities should be indentified and the extra resource reassigned to other areas (Kerzner, 2009).

Fourthly the Changing the project’s scope should be reevaluated to ensure that there is no derailment. The project manager should ensure that the project teams have not exceeded their given scope or the activities assigned to them. This can be done through, reviewing the project scope to ensure that the teams have diverted from their original assigned activities (Phillips, 2004).

Lastly the project team should improving their process processes to ensure that time is saved. This can be done by indentified as failing internal processes constraining the project and improving the process to avoid delaying the project. The project teams’ feedbacks should be incorporated into the streamlined processes to ensure their input (Hall, 2002).

Plan of Action. Custom Plan of Action Essay Writing Service || Plan of Action Essay samples, help

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