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Self Actualization. Custom Self Actualization Essay Writing Service || Self Actualization Essay samples, help

Success in life means giving people what they want first before getting what you want in return. My life has revolved around giving other people what they have really desired to have. This can only be attained by making a decision to find out what they want and offering yourself for them as long as it is morally right. I believe that that is one reason that has made to tackle two bulls at the same time with the same resources.Coming from a low income family or failing to achieve one step in life has never meant self condemnation to frustration, indecision and failure.Infact the more I get challenged , the more I stay focused on my path towards success. I must admit that I have been through a lot in my childhood. I remember the old days when going to school was more of a hustle than a simple responsibility. In my high school, It was a struggle and I never liked the routines and the rules but later own I have come to understand how they have been significant in molding me into what I am proud of today. Joining college education has made me to realize that I have a lot of potential hidden in me. Being an industrious lady I have big dreams that I look forward to achieving in life.My decision to start my own freelance business has been influenced by a personal desire to succeed and change my life.  I have also been motivated by some people who act as my mentors and give me the strength to carry on. Above all God is my creator and my motivator. Without his glory it would not have been possible for me to pursue education while at the same time manages a self created job. This was started towards the end of my first year in college when I realized that I was never having enough finance for subsistence and other educational needs. At the initial stages it was challenging especially with my close friends sneering and saying that I could not manage business and studies. But I told myself that I was going to stay on until I prove them wrong.
My business started growing and things are no longer the same.  I have managed to create needs that never sense in the life of many of my clients and  I am always looking  for more. I do my work with a lot of creativity and professionalism and they have given me tremendous results. The simple communication skills that I have learnt so far have proved to be very useful in my career. I have managed to persuade most people through applying my leadership and persuasion skills effectively. Temptations from men have been a very easy challenge to deal with simply because I know what I want in life and I would not pay attention to distracters. I have seen dreams of my friends shuttered and I cannot follow their steps at all.
I have been able to pay for my college tuition from the savings I have accrued from the business. Life is very exciting simply because when I look back I realize that my success was just my choice. Right now I have began realizing my dreams and I know that the future is promising and worth waiting for. With the autonomy I have in decision making, I believe that I would be one of the most successful person in our family and neighborhood. Attaining financial freedom and early retirement are some of the good things that keep me working hard despite the challenges I face in business and life in general.

Self Actualization. Custom Self Actualization Essay Writing Service || Self Actualization Essay samples, help

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