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"No man is an island entire of himself." That by quote John Donne has always made my memories fresh about my greatest friend. I remember Eric due as he was that person who had courage and curiosity to do and achieve anything in life. Eric was my neighbor and my greatest friend who we shared our lives since childhood when they moved in from California. We went to the same school and always looked after each other like brothers.He was my greatest inspiration in life as I was always reluctant in making decision. He would always tell me that you can't know the outcome of something unless you take the risk of doing it. I remember this one time when I had stained my mother's favorite dress and we had buried it in our backyard with him so that she could never find out. This is after he had advised me to tell her and I refused as I feared what she would do for to me. After my mother had searched for the dress for long, Eric could only look me with convincing eyes. I made up my mind and told her trebling with fear. What followed is a hug from my mum telling me it was ok as sometimes we make mistakes but we should not cover them.
Today as I wait for his anniversary which is on 12th January I feel proud to have had him as my friend. Today I make decision with courage to face any consequences thereafter. Eric's courage and inspiration into doing those things we thought we could not have encouraged me in life to face any challenge on my way. We should learn from Eric that life is all about making decision and been ready to face any consequences that follows with courage. Just like Albert Carnus quoted, "Life is the sum of your choices," I am always grateful of Eric for helping me learn how to make choices.

A Tribute. Custom A Tribute Essay Writing Service || A Tribute Essay samples, help

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