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My Personal and Professional Development. Custom My Personal and Professional Development Essay Writing Service || My Personal and Professional Development Essay samples, help

People always wish to develop their skills and qualifications, as well as to get better knowledge in the desired area. As for me, I decided to continue my personal and professional development by obtaining a degree at the University of Washington.

            The interest to business came to me from my father, who has been in the area for over 20 years. He became a successful businessman, and I hope to reach his level one day and possibly even get better. From the early years, I enjoyed reading a lot. My love to the books introduced me to works of Larry H.P. Lang. His books explained a lot of questions I had, retaining simplicity of approach and professionalism while explaining the issue from the scientific view. I wish I could use some of Lang’s ideas in the future while maintaining a business of my own or working as a top manager of some transnational corporation.

            Sole concentration on a certain area of expertise, e.g. business, is not appropriate. Every professional needs some time to spend on the recreation, especially hobbies. My hobbies are music and sports. In particular, I have been playing the violin for a few years, but did not manage to finish the course due to serious increase of the workload in the classes back in high school. I enjoy listening to some violin performance whenever I have free time. It helps me to concentrate and improve my understanding of the concepts in the process of study. My other hobby is playing tennis. It helps me to develop physically and also improves my communicative skills. The way it works is that I meet a lot of new people while playing the game and travelling around the world, participating in various tournaments. I have to be ready to get along with the people of different nationalities and religious beliefs. This feature of mine is going to be really helpful for me in the future, while doing business. Working even in the bounds of one country or state, we meet a lot of people from all over the world, and we have to deal with all of them, avoiding conflicts and resolving all the issues in the way that would satisfy both parties. I enjoy my hobbies and believe involving in any extracurricular activities would be a benefit for me, since it would help me to develop as a personality and increase my value to society.

            Applying for a business major means a lot to me. It would help me to develop the skills I already have. Besides, I would be able to communicate with my fellow students, enriching my knowledge and improving my communicative skills. I believe the faculty of the University of Washington would give me a lot of opportunities to enrich my knowledge. The tutors of the university would help me to improve my knowledge in the certain fields of business.  The spirit of the university is going to be inspiring for me in my efforts of becoming an expert in the business area.

            When I stayed in Boston, I decided to do a bit of volunteering. I believe it is a necessary part of any young person’s life, since helping other people gratuitously is a nice way to get a life experience and learn to communicate with people of different social backgrounds. Besides that, any nonstandard situations prepare us to the independent life after college, where all the possible skills and experience is needed.

            I would really like to become a part of the University of Washington student’s community, as I believe it would be contributing both to me in the part of my growth as an individual and a professional in the business area, as well as to the university, since I would do my best to contribute to the university life the best I can. 

My Personal and Professional Development. Custom My Personal and Professional Development Essay Writing Service || My Personal and Professional Development Essay samples, help

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