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Crisco Website. Custom Crisco Website Essay Writing Service || Crisco Website Essay samples, help

Crisco website presents a company with world-known traditions. Since the company cannot flourish, when concentrating solely on the cooking oil, it presents a variety of its products on the website. I really admire the layout of the website, since it is easy to understand. Whoever comes to this page for the first time is likely to find whatever is needed in a matter of time. The layout is user-friendly, with lots of useful suggestions. The floating banners at the top may give us a hint of the latest events in the company. As we scroll down the page, it turns out to be divided into three functional sections. Cookie recipes are located on the left hand, baking tips are on the right, and the most advanced users would appreciate a Facebook application link.

If I were the designer of this site, I would add more content to the home page. I would also cut down the share of the secondary products of the company and concentrate all the attention on the primary ones, i.e. on Crisco cooking oil. A good thing to do would have been placing a video from the oil production line. A possible optimization for the site could be adding more graphics to the menus. This way it would look more interesting to users, who often visit it. Implementation of the interactive menus could become another way to attract more visitors to the website. Part of the graphics on the site requires adding links to it, so that users could look at the teaser and go directly to the link, where it is located. Though the website is informative enough, it still needs more graphics to be added to it, as nowadays visualization is one of the best ways of commercializing the business, especially considering the competition on the corresponding market.

Crisco Website. Custom Crisco Website Essay Writing Service || Crisco Website Essay samples, help

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