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The first time I became interested in electrical technologies and devices was back in middle school. I was curious on the way how TV, cars, and household electrical devices worked. I have become keen in electronics when my father has given me a broken transistor, taken out of the car. I remember how curious I was while taking it apart to see the core of the transistor that was described in my physics class. Those childhood interests have become the primary reasons to participate and win prizes in physics contests and influenced my choice of a major in undergraduate education. I graduated from the University’s undergraduate program, as a specialist in Automation and Control. I studied at the Lev Gumilev Eurasian National University on the department of Systems Control and Analysis.During the academic four-year course, I studied a great range of subjects, which put a fundamental pathway to pursue my future graduate degree. Furthermore, I accomplished various course-related projects similar to my major classes, such as the design of the control systems for the baking stage in bread production; a project created for employees of a pharmacy in Delphi. My final research project is described below. It was my own initiative to take a course in basic of Java programming besides the university classes. I have learned to create basic JSP (Java, HTML) documents, simple websites, queries in MySQL, and to work in database management systems (DBMS), using Access, MySQL, and application servers, like Tomcat and GlassFish. I believe all of these skills will help me to conduct my Master’s research in the field of systems science and network systems in electrical engineering.

I spent one month as an intern at Ekoton factory, after my freshman year at the university. It allowed me to comprehend the way control systems for producing concrete for construction work. This intern program helped me to arrange the academic intelligence that I had learned at the university, studying automatic devices and components, and to better understand different types of control systems. Another summer internship that I took was after my sophomore year, in a private company, Dana and KO. Here, I learned to handle network problems in the computer systems and to write codes for queries in MySQL. During my intern program, I encountered the problems that usually occur in network systems, such as delay, and data loss. This helped me to understand the problems in terms of knowledge from control theory.

My final research project was based on designing the control system of an oil heating station. The purpose of this project was to demonstrate what I had achieved during my four-year course of study. I created an automated control system for oil manufacture that included an oil heater, as a plant, controller, and sensors. The model and transfer functions of the oil heater were calculated with the help of differential equations that described the heating process in tubes of the oil heater. The control system was analyzed for the stability, and some examinations for stability were implemented in the MathLab. The control levels of the system were designed in the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system. My scientific tutor, Kasimova B. R., gave me priceless recommendations during my research project. She advised me to conduct research in this area, as this way I was able to apply the results of my research project in the specific applications, as well as in oil production, which happens to be the most developed industry in my country.

Control systems are so widespread due to their flexibility and effectiveness; they are employed in various places in our life: production processes, applied robotics, and computer networks. However, the more complicated the control systems become, the more issues we come across. Today, numerous control system projects are developed in Kazakhstan. They range from oil manufacturing to “electronic government” projects. Since the oil manufactures are becoming complex, the optimal control over various systems is highly required. “Electronic government” is a new project that provides Internet services for citizens. Due to the increase of the role of the Internet, the matter of control, such as stability and data delay, become obvious issues that need to be optimally and adaptively controlled. These systems need thorough administration and supervising in the perspective of the control theory. I intend to participate in one of these projects. I tend to become an expert in this area of expertise and actualize the theories in practice, to make a real application of my ideas and interests.

Studying abroad and majoring in a technical discipline has been my ultimate goal since the high school. After graduating from university, I applied for an academic scholarship Bolashak, which was founded by the ______. It took me a year to gain the scholarship; finally, I achieved my goal. Concurrently, I worked in my hometown, to get some experience in the workplace. I worked for the telecommunication company SkySilk, where I was able to study the network systems, technologies used to provide the Internet services to customers, and how digital television was transmitted by means of the Ethernet technology. The experience, I obtained there, helped me to determine my future interest in graduate study. I narrowed it to majoring in electrical engineering, and I have already decided on the topic of my intended research study. I believe that University of _______ will help me to make my way towards realizing a dream that originated in my childhood. Competitive Master’s program at the University of ______would be very helpful for me, to improve my academic knowledge. In addition, the facilities and strong research traditions of the University of ________ make me confident that I will not only be challenged, but also be highly stimulated throughout the program. It would be my pleasure to contribute to the academic excellence of the school of engineering and the University as a whole, especially pertaining to Kazakhstan.

Electrical Technologies and Devices. Custom Electrical Technologies and Devices Essay Writing Service || Electrical Technologies and Devices Essay samples, help

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