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I believe that a “No pains, no gains” phrase could be applied to me as a person, looking forward to reaching any goal I set. Doubtlessly, I always do my best to get what I want, and this sometimes involves a load of hard efforts.

            I started with obtaining a degree at the California State University, East Bay, where I major in Computer Sciences. The faculty of the university was always doing its best to supply the students with the most recent results of the research, conducted in the field of computer sciences. Besides that, it was always one of my top priorities to be self-educated. I believe that the knowledge, obtained at the educational establishment, cannot be fully covering the desired field of study. That is why I took a number of courses, not included in the degree curriculum. This allowed me to gain the following certificates: SCJP (Sun Certified Java Programmer), OCA (Oracle Certified Associate), and OCP (Oracle Certified Professional). Besides that, I have learnt a number of programming languages, including C/C++, C# all on my own.

            My scientific degree can be supported by the practical work experience. I have been working for Jiangsu Hope Technology Inc. as a project leader. I was doing my best to create a unique, but universal web media player for the mobile devices, which would meet the constantly growing demands of the consumers. After numerous tests and considering the customers’ feedbacks, we made it basically flawless, and I moved on to another project.

            During my work at the Chinese Pharmaceutical limited company, I had a bigger team to deal with and new challenges to solve. Managing a team of the computer science experts, I had to deal with marketing part, since everybody else was no good at it. I collected the ideas and brainstormed them to come out with the optimal solution for every case. I had to resolve the conflicts within the team, so I also took the MBA course at the Chinese University. It helped me to become a good team leader, developing software and managing projects.

            I devoted a great part myself to computer science. I believe I would continue growing professionally and contribute to the companies I would be working for, which would eventually bring me to starting a business of my own. 

No Pains, No Gains. Custom No Pains, No Gains Essay Writing Service || No Pains, No Gains Essay samples, help

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