I Highly Value all Kinds of Volunteering Activities

             Most people always care for themselves, not about the others. I belong to a different category of people as I enjoy helping others. I highly value all kinds of volunteering activities, such as helping people for free. Lots of us often need a word of help more than some financial support.

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            The point of nonprofit organizations is in providing free support, help, and care. I feel more than capable of completing such a mission. Moreover, getting a Master’s degree in the Nonprofit Organizations Management can become a new starting point in my life. For all my life, I have been volunteering along with maintaining a regular job. I was able to manage both my own way of life and the lives of the people, who are dependent on me. Doing any volunteering related job, as well as working for the nonprofit organization, requires great patience in communication and self-motivation, based on the dedication to the chosen field of work. I believe I possess such qualities. I have always participated in the intramural activities within my university, especially different sports events. Interacting with other fellow athletes strengthened my personal self esteem and improved my leadership skills, making me more eligible to become a good manager. The degree in Nonprofit Master’s program would allow me to move to the next level of my professionalism and improve my leading managerial skills, so that I would be able to make a good leader of any nonprofit organization.

            The primary objective of my application is to explicate my intentions for the future and provide a solid background to my own development in the nonprofit organizations area. I tend to change people’s life to a better state and make sure all of my dedication is used in the right track. I would do my best to use all the acquired intelligence in the proper way and manage the entrusted nonprofit organization in the best way possible. 

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