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Being a Boy Scout. Custom Being a Boy Scout Essay Writing Service || Being a Boy Scout Essay samples, help

Being a Boy Scout gives me a remarkable experience in high school. It offers me a sense of fellowship, since we strive for the same goal. It is a group activity that emphasizes co-operation between teammates who are also classmates. One thing that I’ve learnt from boy scouts was team-spirit. Since we have different positions in a patrol, co-operation is essential. Individual superiority is not enough to gain success. In fact, team work is the key factor for the success of the patrol. Moreover, usually many tasks require cooperation of teammates to accomplish them. For instance, I participated in hiking and camping competitions within our troop. We had to complete a 20 miles range of hiking in three days, including contests like site construction and camp cooking. It is a very memorable experience for me because it proves the importance of cooperation. As a patrol we had to decide who would carry what. While one carried the tents, the other carried food. Our positions were of equal importance. Meanwhile, I have learnt that co-operation also infers consideration in the process. The survival within Boy Scouts is a science. It operates in a miniature society where we have our own positions. Besides, we have the access to the control of supplies and finance of our patrol. As the person in charge of the supplies at that time, I was responsible for the use and purchase of equipments, and I had to strike a balance between quality and budget. It reminds me that making a decision infers the abandonment of the alternatives. On the other hand, Boy Scouts gives me the opportunity to involve in community services. Volunteering gives me the chance to contact other spheres of the society that I may not have a chance to explore otherwise. One of my favorite volunteer works is visiting the elderly people. It reminds me there are other people in need. I also feel delighted to be the one who is able help to the destitution. Later I joined other volunteer programs outside of school, including the Volunteer Training Scheme 2007, organized by Hong Kong Outstanding Students’ Association. I will continue to seek involvement in community services after I transfer.

My mother was the first who gave me the understanding of Economics. She prompted me to become a smart purchaser since I was a child, explaining to me her criteria of spending. I didn’t get in touch with real Economics concepts until the tenth grade. I took Economics as a private study subject, which later became my favorite subject. Inspired by my mum’s perception, I am interested in finding the most effective way for using resources. This also leads me to the field of Economics, the study of human behavior in the society. I’d love to compare the benefits of every option from different aspects. It is my interest, and I want to study it deeper. Both of my parents are nurses. Although my mother never tells me, I know that she sacrificed a lot to afford me to study in America. I cherish the opportunity to study in the US, and I chose to transfer to a university in the US for a few reasons. First, studying in the US gives me a chance to choose my desired field of studies. In fact, I love the education system here where general education is a requirement. This gives me a chance to understand the world in a better way. Secondly, university life provides me an opportunity to explore American culture. After I left my country, I have seen the contrast in cultural values between the US and Hong Kong. Both cultures have their own strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, I have learnt to view things in a way that is different in my home country. One of the reasons for me to apply to the abroad university was to interact with people from other cultures. I look forward to exchanging ideas with students from different geological backgrounds. After I transfer, I will seek an internship or part-time job to ease the burden on my family. What is more important, internships are useful in studying the real world’s operations. Last but not least, I never overlook the importance of paying back the society as I believe true freedoms come from responsibilities. I won’t forget how my high school taught me to be a part of the society by being “the men for and with others.” Now I still keep this concept in mind to serve the society wherever I go. 

Being a Boy Scout. Custom Being a Boy Scout Essay Writing Service || Being a Boy Scout Essay samples, help

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