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The subscription to the ideologies of equality amongst the soviet people ended as the Soviet Union disintegrated. My parents like all soviets ascribed to this school of thought. However, the emergence of Kazakhstan as a sovereign state led to new ideologies. The significance of money and wealth proved to be invaluable in realizing individual objectives and goals. The economic difficulties and challenges at the time were numerous. In spite of these, my parents instilled moral work ethics into me. At the age of thirteen, I experienced my first medical crisis and dilemma. My grandfather succumbed to lung cancer.

My grandfather’s demise piqued my interest in medicine. My young mind worried that my parents would be victims of a similar predicament as my grandfather. In my senior year, in high school, I made an application to pharmacy school and passed the enrollment examinations. Unfortunately, the financial crisis prevailing at the time affected my family significantly and I was unable to afford the required fees to facilitate my further education. Despite the financial setbacks, I did not despair and made a decision to assist my family alleviate the economic difficulties faced. After high school graduation in September 2009, I began to work in a geriatric home as an aid man. This was a milestone in my pursuit of a medical career.

The geriatric home proved to be insightful and influential in forging my perspectives on life, personal and professional interactions. These experiences contributed to shaping my dispensation while adding significantly, partly to my interests in medicine and pharmacology, the desire to help others. The skills and experiences acquired as an aid man were, however, inadequate to satisfy my desire for higher learning. After working for ten months at the geriatric home, I felt the desire to pursue pharmacology leading to my application for the Bolashak scholarship. My dedicated studying in the summer of 2010 enabled me to pass all examinations. In December 2010, I won the presidential stipend in the form of the Bolashak scholarship.

Since my spoken and written English was not fluent enough to study in an American university, the scholarship program offered me an opportunity to study English at Intensive English Institute at Urbana-campaign. In June 2011, I enrolled for a seven month English course. The contributing aspects of my life like the death of my grandfather, poverty, work experience and long nights of study are invaluable lessons. These have led to the realization that significant discipline, patience and unwavering heart will be crucial in achieving my goals and objectives. The culminations of these factors are the desire and resolve to study Toxicology at Penn State University.

The Ideologies of Equality. Custom The Ideologies of Equality Essay Writing Service || The Ideologies of Equality Essay samples, help

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