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Citizenship in America. Custom Citizenship in America Essay Writing Service || Citizenship in America Essay samples, help

The process of acquiring citizenship in America by immigrants is a quite involving and may take long time to complete. This is because various documents need to be verified for lawful authenticity. However, the whole process should take about six months.

Firstly, paperwork should be completed before pre-interview on applicants. The other procedure is always a ceremony done together with the naturalization test. Finally, an Oath of Allegiance, during which an immigrant declares to protect the United States as their lawful home, is taken.

To facilitate the process of acquiring citizenship, I have suggested to the president, as immigration officer, that acquisition of appointments be put in place. These appointments should be drafted by USCIS or alternatively get INFOPASS appointment through website. In addition, appointment application ought to have directions to the registration office or contacts for assistance. Furthermore, immigrant’s offices should have facilities for physically challenged individuals and be easily accessible. Finally, to ensure efficiency, offices should be located in city and have inexpensive parking spaces.

It is important to note that instructions should be adhered to while completing the USCIS form that should only be sent by mail. After an individual acquires a notice inviting him to complete ADIT processing, they will then be required to organize for an INFOPASS appointment through the website.

Various documents should be presented during the appointment day; Approval Notice or approval letter and a valid passport. However, USCIS does not have the mandate to deny form I-765. Application for the employment authorization document should be issued within 30 days for asylum applicants. Service members, who are on an overseas mission, need a specific certified letter which states that a service member is serving honorably.

Just to give some of the responses of stakeholders, the Deputy District Director of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services office, Robert stated that “My family and squad leader kept me motivated to finish the process. I feel proud to be an American citizen.” concerning the immigrants, another citizen of the United States stated that “We want to complete the process within six months or less so they can go back home U.S. citizens.”

Although Star Parker seem to argue against the issue of immigration, Roberto Rodriguez support the course. Rodriquez use smooth connection referring to immigrant that they say they would rather live in American. This means that the actions of immigration is welcomed by the immigrants themselves and they try argue for it.

Star Parker use himself to bring a smooth connection when he says he must confess that his Latino neighbors are challenging his libertarian instinct. This is a smooth connection to mean that immigrants are not generally welcomed. He argues that immigrant says that they shall overcome (in Latino), Parker bring about this to further his argument against immigrants. 

Citizenship in America. Custom Citizenship in America Essay Writing Service || Citizenship in America Essay samples, help

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