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The Zen of a 3rd Dan Black Belt in Karate. Custom The Zen of a 3rd Dan Black Belt in Karate Essay Writing Service || The Zen of a 3rd Dan Black Belt in Karate Essay samples, help

My delivery came two months before maturity when I weighed about 4 lbs. My parents have never explained the cause of the premature delivery but, I have always attributed it to Karate. I looked weak and emaciated but, I am told that a lot of care had to be undertaken when holding me due to frequent throws trying to rescue myself out of their grasp. Whenever this story is narrated, I am motivated and assured of an inborn trait (a karate practitioner) that is in me. My parents protected and habitually gave me whatever I wanted enable ling me to develop "entitlement mentality". Despite the protection, I was never ignorant of my parent’s effort and counsel they poured on me.

Joining school was a magnificent achievement for me because with time I was able to join karate coaching with motivation from my parents. Joining karate coaching came in the name of keeping fit at the age of nine years. This form of martial art never lingered to my senses that it would take me to great heights in the future. My parents continued to encourage me and, I assured them that sky would be the limit. Looking back to me was never an option and I seriously worked hard and persevered staying committed to achieving the best. I was able to meet a mentor (karate master- Sensei Robin Ang) undoubtedly motivated and inspired me.

“Sensei Robin Ang” saw the potential in me and decided to make it real. Throughout my years of training, Sensei kept on encouraging I and engaging me in challenging activities to enable me shift my goals further. It is from my mentor that I learnt how to overcome challenges in my training and tackle extremely new real life issues that erupted.

Karate is viewed by many people as a game with incredible high kicks tumbling into the splits but, to my opinion karate can only be won through creative efforts, hard training, confidence and a high degree of motivation. Over the last 8 years, I have remained dedicated, persevered and plodded through several belts and stages of learning. My greatest achievement can be attributed on the 12th day of June 2011, when I took the grading exam, and was declared as having achieved the 3rd Dan Black Belt in karate. This was not only an impressive achievement to me but, to the school at large since it was the first in the school also the very first one for my tutor.

I have been assisting my mentor to teach karate for the past two years. This assistance has enabled me highly appreciate the responsibility and dynamism of the instructions. Opportunity to test my knowledge and skills is provided in every training lesson that I undertake with the students. Leadership is a trait that I have experienced in my day to day activity with the students. Teaching responsibility is a great achievement, many people have moved out of the institution without the chance to do so. Due to my distinguished traits and ability I was able to scope the chance.

The “kata” and the “etiquette”  of the dojo are the two fundamentals of the martial art that have been very subtle but very significant in the spiritual, social, mental and physical changes that I have experienced in my life. Improvement in my academic performance is highly attributed to these tenets by raising my level of energy, concentration and focus. A “kata” requires physical and mental discipline, devotion and meditation to bring mind, spirit and body together. Every part of my social behaviour has highly been influenced by activities.

Karate, on the other side, helped me boost my self esteem and confidence, hence becoming a better person since I improved my physical health and mastered self defence techniques. I have learnt that; courage, confidence, total commitment to the task, competence and hard work is the sure way to success in all endeavours in life. It is my sincere wish and believes that these traits will be the guiding star throughout my life.

From the experience, in life I now know what appreciation is. Without my parents, a successful me today would be absent.

The Zen of a 3rd Dan Black Belt in Karate. Custom The Zen of a 3rd Dan Black Belt in Karate Essay Writing Service || The Zen of a 3rd Dan Black Belt in Karate Essay samples, help

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