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I acknowledge all of my fellow peers for making it through to this far. Many might consider this as the finish line, but rather, I take it as the beginning of a new race-the race to higher achievements. In the four years tenure, in this school, we have acquired strong values of determination, ambition, character, and pride. Personally, I have learnt that a valueless society is a society headed for self-destruction and that the journey to developing a strong character is not a sprint, rather, it is a gradual one. The programs this school offers form a complete package emphasizing on personal development as well as offering service to the community. As we move to college, I believe that God is divinely preparing us for service and success. Let us come together and listen to the Great Mahatma Mohandas Gandhi saying that there is no way to success, success is the way.

During my life in this great school, I have witnessed most of my colleagues turning their good quality into their best. It should be everybody’s golden rule that they make success they way in life. In fact, it is for this class’ unprecedented success in fund raising for charity that we had that rare opportunity to shave the vice principal’s head bald. Such experiences provide us with the impetus necessary for future achievements-success pays. I also am of the opinion that one should never take education and other opportunities that come his/her way for granted. To me, education is that opportunity that we have, and everyone should regard it as a matter of life and death. Education empowers us to rise above the prevalent stereotypes manifested by the apathetic youth.

This school offers a wide platform on which people of varied talents and predispositions can launch their future career paths. For example, there are students who posses outstanding singing skills like Pranit, Reyhana, Sagarika and Tanishan. Others are fantastic dancers like Elsam, Basil and Mjdy. These, among others, helped this beloved school to occupy a prestigious slot in the regional map with their exceptional performances in the areas of Arts, athletics, talent and academics. This speech would be almost meaningless if I failed to commend a few friends of mine, who were always there for me when I needed them most. These are Sohil, Mukul, Pranit and Farhan. They taught me the value of fairness, doing to others that which I want them to do to me. I must admit that this school boasts of the best teachers in the region. For example, Ms. Parker is a remarkably ambitious and highly inspiring teacher, who dedicates herself to helping the students all year round, while at the same time running the Ambassador group effectively.

From here, we move on to a new environment, new people, new dreams and new goals. However, we must never forget those friends who acted as the stepping stones to these higher heights. Remember that no man is an island; we will need them in the future. I would urge every one of us to be the architects of their own future. I have learnt that success requires someone to make the right decisions in life and have a vision. To succeed, start with your end in mind and never let go of your dream. In addition to this, be multi-skilled, embrace teamwork and, more importantly, have integrity. As the saying goes, ‘If one loses wealth, he/she loses something. If he/she loses integrity, everything goes away.’ School has provided us with that form of education that confers us the power to do anything, achieve everything, rip apart every barrier and accomplish goals. We are the graduating class of 2011- determined, strong, intelligent and prepared to take on the world head-on. Ready or not, here we come.

Graduation Day. Custom Graduation Day Essay Writing Service || Graduation Day Essay samples, help

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