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The educational experience that changed my life is having undertaken typing lessons as an elective at high school.  Lessons of typing are imperative to memorize the keyboard. From these lessons, one gains a skill that increases typing speed and accuracy. Students are trained not to look at the keyboard at all and this helps them perform typing while reading from a document or focusing on the computer screen. Computer technology is applied in business, education and society and with the advent of this innovation, many people need to be exposed to computer typing or keyboarding. Poor typing skills or low typing ability can bring stress and consequences as it slows down performance in those tasks that require word processing as well as when the tasks need to be completed within short time limits. Lack of typing ability may be equated to inability especially in the business world or the publishing sectors.

I chose typing as an elective at junior high school where the teacher, Ms Wilson, used to tell the students that the lessons would lead them to promising employment. The typing lessons were very challenging for the first time when I used to type very slowly and with many mistakes. We were taught in class to look up at the board and not at the keyboard.  At the typing lessons, I learned that accuracy and speed can only be achieved from training the fingers to identify the exact location of every key on the keyboard. During the lessons Ms Wilson used to keep me in class to practice for an additional hour so that I could improve on my speed and accuracy which was rather poor at first. I constantly looked at the keyboard and each time I glanced at the keyboard I realized that the teacher was standing over my shoulder. The training system was based upon different kinds of movements the hand does and the training of each finger on the kinds of movements and sequences.

Having practiced a lot, I began to experience improvements. My accuracy and speed of typing increased from a rate of 15 words per minute to 35 words per minute after a period of three months. I focused on looking at the classroom board rather than glancing at the key board. I started managing very well with the two-finger typing ability, but through constant practice, I realized that more fingers are to be involved in order to keep up and increase on my typing speed. This educational experience has enabled me to pursue important activities in my life. Over the years, I have worked as an administrative assistant for many temp agencies, and the Department of Human Services as a case manager. In these positions I was required to type documents and reports which I did with ease because I had good typing skills. Ms Wilson might have been strict, but, I realized she was only helping me to become a better typist. This educational experience has actually helped me to be good at typing.

Knowledge on accurate, efficient and fast typing allows an individual to spend less time on what they are doing instead of spending lots of time to input the information.  Good typing skills are crucial because they enable individuals to execute their work at a faster rate, which will significantly save time as an important resource. A person with fast typing skills may make use of the remaining time in other meaningful activities and therefore, this will open new possibilities for further development. Due to the fact that I was apprehensive at the beginning of typing lessons and that out teacher, Ms Wilson, was patient and inspiring, nowadays I am excellent at typing and successful at my job.

Educational Experience. Custom Educational Experience Essay Writing Service || Educational Experience Essay samples, help

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