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Football remains is and will remain the most influential sports of all in Missouri. Worldwide Premier leagues, high school football tournaments, and football clubs are commonplace in every corner of the Kansas City. The young and the elderly both love football with passion in Kansas City.

One early morning in the chilly season of autumn, Dad, Mum, my two sisters Lauren and Jessica, and I set from our residential house in Kansas to watch football match between the two giant football teams, Jayhawks and Kansas United at the Memorial Stadium. Jubilation filled the air on that particular day and everyone was charged ahead of the game. Before we came out of our residential compound excitement and cheers rented the air; Dad (die hard supporter of Jayhawks) with the support of my younger sister Jessica adorned the family car with a big banner bearing the emblem of their favorite team Jayhawks.

Considering that it was my first time to attend an eagerly awaited football game of that nature, my heart continuously throbbed as we wait to set off for the stadium. I could not afford to wait for everyone to leave the house due to the prevailing anxiety. “Mummy, Daddy, Lauren, off we go,” I found myself shouting to the top of my voice. Luckily enough, they yielded to my pressure and they came out of the house some five minutes ready to leave. We all fit in the family car, everyone fasten safety belts, as Daddy drove us to the stadium. I was swayed into joining my sisters shout the Jayhawks’ commonest slogan, “Man to Man, Jayhawks is the best.”

As we drove though the gate into the adjacent street, I saw other Jayhawks supporters’ clad in green and blue colors, similar the ones we wore, a flagging the club emblem. Mummy quickly explained to me that the green are the true Jayhawks’ color as daddy nodded in an agreement. After a few minutes’ drive, approximately ten or so, we joined the long convoy of Jayhawks supporters toward the Memorial Stadium drive. I could hear them sing familiar songs, chant slogans, wave flags and occasionally haul some unpleasant teases to the antagonist supporters- this was the order of the day until we reach the stadium.

Heavy presence of Metropolis Police and the subsequent elaborate security check coupled with the ever swelling numbers of fans sent my feet to shiver. I presumed the armed security officers were out to shoot at us but I later learnt through my mum it was never the case. Despite her series of attempts to calm me down, I broke down in tears in fear of the stone faced officers. I later understood that their main business was to maintain law and order within the expansive sports facility. Different designs of street lights, modern systems of electric passenger gates, and expansive sitting area struck me dumb. Virtually everything was fantastic. As luck would have it, we were cleared into the parking after which we went straight into the dais where fans and spectators sit ahead of the game.

The magnificent look of the Memorial was awesome but the first time encounter with the reactions of the charged fans carried the day. The deafening noise, violent confrontations, high pitched sounds of the trumpets; drums and human jam characterized the entrance to the Stadium. The stunning mammoth crowd of fans of on both sides of the stadium made my memory to date. The sight was highly terrifying and I continuously asked dad an endless list of question as to whether the charged fans had the intentions of coming for us because their conducts were threatening more so to newcomers like me.

However, the other members of my family remained composed and calm throughout our stay at the dais until the opening of the match. Only dad and Jessica would explain to me few things concerning the two teams. The rest were glued to the common view of the field anxiously waiting for the match to begin. As a matter of time, I eventually acclimatized to the mood of the stadium and the fear was long gone.  At this juncture, I fully understood, though the hard way, that nobody was out to threaten my life but that everyone was overcarried by the act of cheering up the football of their choice.

Finally we saw match official, coaches and players from both teams making a fashionable entry into the field one after the other. Each of the referees and linesmen carried flamboyant balls and officiating flags each. The dad upon seeing the players of his favorite team, Jayhawks shouted to the top of his voice, “you see dem, here are the best footballers of the game. They must win the match I swear.”  The exclamation set me free and more enthusiastic to watch the game.  Within the next few minutes the game started off and literally held his/her breathe each team anticipated winning over trophy.

Amidst the game, I could then follow and enjoy the game.  My love for the football manifested outrightly from that day onwards. In between the match, the two teams could be heard cheering up their team but to a lesser vigor in fear that they could be embarrassed should they lose the game. This day marked my greatest day in life. I was initiated into the football arena characterized with full blast cheering practices and moderate violence of the supporter. This is the day I will never forget in my life.


My First Experience of the Football Match. Custom My First Experience of the Football Match Essay Writing Service || My First Experience of the Football Match Essay samples, help

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