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My achievements have been shaped through the golden opportunity of being in the same group (CtrlS) for a period of more than 10 years. This duration has exposed me to challenges and responsibilities in positioning the company well in the field of stiff business competition to meet quality and customer satisfaction. I have achieved many milestones in the process, full of lessons, experience and passion thus defining future actions and aspirations in career and life.One of the most outstanding achievement across the 10 year period happened when I played a significant role in the acquiring of a global telecom company as one of our customers. This process was extremely competitive, involving other big companies that were already popular in the market. Some of these companies included VSNL which renamed to Tata Communication and also Tata Tele services. No matter their size and might, we managed to beat them in the competition to win the global based customer. With this step, our company moved to the next level, enabling us to set up a new division plus a defined business focus. It is due to these efforts that today the company's financial closure stands at 400 Crores for its expansion and now has an even bigger mission which entails leadership in the practice industry. I have also been consistently involved in acquiring other equally competitive clients with the most recent ones including VST and Konkan Railways effective January 2010. This has really improved the overall value of our company profile which now gives the perfect platform to excel.In addition to client acquiring, as part of the key management team in the company, I have always believed that the long term sustainability of any company depends on the retention of current clients and the constant sourcing for more. To achieve this, I have taken part in offering general management guidance for the establishment of the best customer satisfaction system, one that is friendly and practical. It incorporates fundamental principles like tier IV (fault tolerant) infrastructure and scalability among others, which are widely acknowledged by our customers.
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Ultimately, the company's fast growth calls for strategic management so as to cope with the eminent challenging demands. This scenario is enhanced in view of the fact that we have up to now acquired customers of very outstanding corporate calibers in their fields and business in general. Their demands are unique and diverse in several ways, always changing fast to adapt to new ways of doing business.  Their requirements in dynamic environments can only be met by a team that understands their precise needs, and the best ways to have them realized. In such cases, knowledge plus experience are essential and these are attained through certain standards that require personal engagement of the teams involved. This is why we have recently recruited a team of highly successful staff with 20 to forty years experience and knowledge in high level management responsibilities. Coming from the very best of fortune 50 companies, international IT brands, the banking industry plus renowned academic institutions; these new senior level managers are a powerful resource for the company.

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Being a key pillar in the organization, there is need for me to attain enhanced general management knowledge and skills so as to effectively execute my roles that are now very close to the overall team leadership. This will be instrumental in attaining my future plans of blending my over ten years experience with academic qualifications of top standards. After careful analysis, it has become clear to me that the executive MBA program is the best alternative with potential for future growth in general life and career, besides the practical experience. The need coupled with the urge and passion for sustained excellence; form the basic foundation for my desire to attain the much important academic excellence from a renowned and premier institution through a general management course. The program will add exceptional value to my ability to handle different and dynamic challenges in high level roles.

Achievement. Custom Achievement Essay Writing Service || Achievement Essay samples, help

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