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My Love for Fashion . Custom My Love for Fashion Essay Writing Service || My Love for Fashion Essay samples, help

A year ago, I was in school studying, with a feeling that a business major was my best choice. Time was catching up with me and had to declare my major. I was not certain of which major to pursue. Suddenly, I realized that something was missing. Since, while studying I was just aiming for good grades and not my dream career. In the process, confusion and disappointment rocked me, for letting myself waste a lot of time with no reason. It really hit me hard to know that somehow, I was living meaningless days. With that, I had to do something. Initially, I figured out where my true interest and passion lies. With no assurance, I did not rush into making decisions. I took one year off from school, figuring out exactly what I wanted to do, by experiencing something else. Right in my mind, I was aware of my interests in fashion but did not have an opportunity to think of it, as my future career. However, the one year off from school gave me lot of experience in the fashion world. The opportunity enabled me to justify that my interest in fashion was not just a hobby.My love for fashion started long ago at my tender age. At the age of three, I was personally doing the choice of all my outfits. Unlike other kids who wore whatever their mom gave them. I was stubborn when it comes to clothing. At school, I was known as the best dresser. One day to my prom, unlike many girls who wear feminine dresses with corsage, I dressed in black Dolce and Gabanna's sequin shirt, black opaque tights, black metal oversized Boeing sunglasses and a five inch black platform ankle boots. When I walked into the ballroom, all eyes were starring at me. They looked shocked. People followed me wherever I went. Sooner than expected, even those people I did not actually know wanted to have photos with me. They complimented my style. Few minutes later, many kids come out from their cars with sunglasses. My friend later told me that, there were few people who dressed like me, even after I graduated. At school, I was the "best dresser" and a "trend setter". 

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Fortunately, during my one year off from school, I was employed by a stylist as an assistant. When I first met her, she told me that all she needed was physical help and that none of my opinion would be necessary. It sounded somehow harsh, but the fact that the chance was granted was more fulfilling. On the other hand, one day when she was designing the concept and outfits for our client, I carefully observed her scrap book and some images lying on the table. Without saying anything, I went forth and brought some images and some clothes that would match the concept the following day. I carefully suggested to her and the result was great. After which, she fully trusted my sense and put me in charge of clothes picking. At first, choosing clothes and accessories sounds easy, but it really required lot of thinking and creativity. Since I had the "eye", I was able to quickly pick up what can sell and what cannot. Most of the days, I had to work until midnight, going to a number of different places, no matter how far or how long it took. Strangely, even though I was physically devastated, I found myself full of energy all the time. Every day I learnt something new.  At that moment, I was actually enjoying the work. Fashion industry proved to be the only path for me to follow. By working with various clients and meeting with several business acquaintances, I was able to learn about the business aspect of fashion and develop my business skills. 

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From the experience, I learned that fashion contains more than just clothes and styling. To design a fashion, there was lot more going on behind the scenes. Since, it is not only designing aspect that is important but also marketing, merchandising and retailing. I want to study and broaden my knowledge in fashion design and business. I strongly believe that Fashion Institute of Technology (FTI) program in Fashion Merchandising management will help me be well prepared for the fashion industry. I have confidence that my experience and interest will greatly play a major role for me to excel and contribute to the industry with a professional education from Fashion Institute of Technology.

My Love for Fashion . Custom My Love for Fashion Essay Writing Service || My Love for Fashion Essay samples, help

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