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One of the most memorable events which not only shaped my life but also laid a stable foundation of excellent organizational skills in my life came out  when I participated in a physical training camp for body fitness which organized by William Brown a British physical fitness trainer in Texas. During this training I enjoyed every aspect of the training session. The training was organized in different stages and intensity. The physical fitness training took a period of one year. In addition, we taught several physical fitness lesson which included; strength training which involved a number of repetitions of training phases, and speed performance strategies.The training process used the principle of periodization which refers to breaking down of training in phases. The role of periodization was to make our muscle to continue adapting to new condition of overloads and furthermore, it was to allow for recovery of the muscle from the new stress of training. In that line, there were six fundamental training basics which we had to undergo during the training cycle. The first was the adaptation phase which involved a high volume and moderate intensity level of weight lifting. This was to offer us the basics foundation of the training.

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The second stage was the basic training phase which involved the application of moderate and high intensity. In this order, we also underwent through power phase, endurance phase and finally the maintenance phase. In this training periodization was a must to every one. This is because it was the phases of training we had to undergo. In addition it provided us with the skills team work as well as personal organizational skills

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This training prepared to face life boldly and some of life development lessons which I learned included discipline, endurance, patience, organization and team work sprit. This training gave me the best skills, strategies and ideas on how to face challenges in life.In conclusion, the participation in this training was an eye opener for me this is because the experienced I got helps me in my every day life and has shaped my life to a better position.

Training Periodization. Custom Training Periodization Essay Writing Service || Training Periodization Essay samples, help

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