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Aerobic training is one of the most effective and efficient forms of fat reduction. This statement can be confirmed by the following explanation. Unquestionably the anærobic energy which is employed in effecting the mechanical response is derived from the chemical reactions concomitant with the splitting of glycogen into lactic acid and which do not involve oxidation at all. The fat content of isolated muscles is not changed either during the anærobic phases of the response, but his results have not escaped question. Granting that his conclusions were correct, however, this would not exclude some other mechanism by which fats may be modified in the animal body preparatory to their oxidation, such as desaturation and phosphorization in the liver. In support of this point of view, More fat is removed from the blood flowing to a muscle when it is at work than when in a state of rest. The proof that carbohydrates only can be utilized in the ærobic recovery process of the lactic acid cycle in muscles is indirect and there is nothing in the theory of muscular physiology which demands that carbohydrates alone be oxidized (Jackson et al, 2003).This is the contention of a second group of investigators. After making a complete carbohydrate balance sheet for the tissue and determining the respiratory quotient, this investigator found that the disappearance of carbohydrate accounted for only 20 to 50 per cent of the oxygen consumed. This knowledge is important for me and my close people as it explains the important of training and healthy life style. The physiological importance of the aerobic training of muscle may be briefly summarized. They help to keep the muscles taut and thus prevent slack. This is essential for smoothness and freedom of movement of the bony levers. When a muscle first contracts against a lever, the inertia of that lever, especially if carrying a load, yields relatively slowly as compared to the rapid contractile phase of the muscle.

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It is obvious that the advantage of an extensible muscle would be to prevent rupture of that organ and to insure greater smoothness of movement. Contrast the result of trying to lift a weight quickly by means of a rigid wire and again by means of a strong but extensible body. Furthermore, in the action of antagonistic muscles, while one set is contracting the other must yield. This condition is made possible, in part, by the physical properties of muscle, but to a greater extent by muscle tonus. On the other hand, an extended antagonistic muscle, by means of its elasticity, may aid mechanically in bringing the moved part back to its original position. Any other activity except medical treatment and liposuction has the same long-lasting effect on fat reduction as   aerobic training.

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Learning Experience 3. Custom Learning Experience 3 Essay Writing Service || Learning Experience 3 Essay samples, help

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