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Personal Model of Leadership. Custom Personal Model of Leadership Essay Writing Service || Personal Model of Leadership Essay samples, help

A value is a quality displayed by an individual that often leads to ethical actions. Good values are admired by everyone and are desirable. The values that I have chosen for developing a personal leadership model are; humility/empathy, integrity, listening, stewardship, foresight, commitment to growth of othersDefinition of valuesBehaviors associated with humility include; admitting one is wrong, demanding the truth and acting selflessly with kindness (Parker & Begnaud, 2004). Humility should be integrated into all the activities carried out by an individual in the community and within the society.  Humility should be displayed in every day's occurrences. A humble individual should display kindness and should be selfless in his/her actions. These actions are carried out without seeking attention and recognition. For instance, one might make a donation to the needy but choose to remain anonymous. Integrity on the other hand is carrying out what is true in a rightful manner. Leaders with integrity carry out activities honestly and fairly (Yearout, Miles & Koonce, 2001). Integrity calls for one to be honest even for small things which seem to be negligible. People with integrity avoid unethical behavior such as bribery. For instance, one may seek to reduce the water wastage in an organization by adopting measure that will reduce the amount of water wasted. Stewardship behavior involves performing duties while ensuring that the well being of other people and future generations is secure (Parker & Begnaud, 2004). It calls for selflessness and being responsible for the future and securing long term best interests for other people ahead of personal interests. An example here is imposing fines on people who dump wastes in the environment in order to keep the environment clean.

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Listening is another value which refers to the skill of hearing, understanding and judging (Yearout, Miles & Koonce, 2001). Through listening one is able to obtain other people's opinions. To be a good listener one must practice how to listen to people from different levels and status.  Foresight is the ability to foresee future outcomes and to act accordingly (Parker & Begnaud, 2004). Anticipating outcomes enables one to take appropriate measures timely as well as to take advantage of the expected results. Foresight ensures that an individual is able to evaluate the outcome of his actions thereby adopting measures that will enhance the positive outcomes and limit the negative ones. Growth of others is a value that refers to enabling other people make positive steps in their lives and in what they do (Parker & Begnaud, 2004). Everyone has personal goals that he/she would like to achieve. A leader should ensure that his colleagues are able to realize these goals. It is also important that they become specialized in what they do.Values such as humility, listening, stewardship, foresight and integrity are always reciprocated among members of the organization (Parker & Begnaud, 2004) . Through existing organizations one can solve some pertinent issues in the society. For instance, one can form groups within the society that manage wastes and keep the environment clean. Members of these groups can be fellow work colleagues in organizations or members of the affected community. The groups can be organized to manage and advocate for proper methods of waste disposal as well as developing new methods of reducing waste generation.

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Wastes can vary and include electricity, paper, liquid and gaseous products. The purpose of managing wastes is to reduce the cost of living by saving the necessary resources. This will enable individuals in the society develop a collective responsibility. In addition, it will also enable the society manage waste thereby reducing cost of production and promoting sustainability. The groups should collaborate in finding appropriate ways of managing wastes by finding appropriate innovative methods of reducing the waste generation. The element of sustainability must also be integrated into these measures to ensure that these interventions are successful.Impacts of the contributionTo the individual one will feel happy that he has helped in making the community sustainable. This will also give the individual a chance to strengthen his personal values. Carrying out positive collective measures enables one to integrate and associate with others while carrying out important activities. Other people will also equally benefit from carrying out this intervention. Engaging in activities that aim to keep the environment clean and save the resources will make other people develop collective responsibility. They will be able to develop and strengthen their personal values and probably adopt a few more. The community also stands to benefit from this intervention. This is because resources within the community such as electricity and water will be well utilized which will ensure that they are adequate and used when necessary. Recycling different types of waste will ensure that the environment is not polluted.The overall costs of living will also reduce because people will spend much less on various resources. The intervention advocates for sustainability because it ensures that future generations will find a clean environment suitable for living. This intervention will also develop collective responsibility for members of the community thereby enabling them to overcome challenges together in future.

Personal Model of Leadership. Custom Personal Model of Leadership Essay Writing Service || Personal Model of Leadership Essay samples, help

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