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Recently, our company Dean Door Corporation (DDC) was contracted to produce doors for Walker Homes. This company was selected because of its efficiency and expertise in making doors. Walker homes is a real estate developer that deals with building residential and private apartments; therefore, the company always has a lot of construction work, and the volumes of the materials required is always very big. The company, walker Homes, gave this company a big contract to build doors for their construction work. However, the current production rate of this company could not handle the volume of the work in the normal work shifts, and some additional shifts were added. Probably, resultant to this, quality of doors received by Walker Homes was not up to standard, and there have been some quality complaints.


Based on the situation, there are some assumptions that have been made first, the company is not used to produce a big volume of doors all at once, and the quality of the doors produced have been compromised; probably, the cuttings in the metals have been reduced or added to extreme levels that are not in line with the order specifications. The other assumption is that the workers have been overwhelmed by work, and they are prone to make mistakes; they are not used to the high volume of work, and they are unable to cope with the demands of work. The third assumption is that walker Homers is very specific and strict on measurements, and they do not leave room for the allowance of 125 inches that our company allows; they want strict measurements for doors, and they do not appreciate our allowance of plus or negative 125 inches. The last assumption is that the measuring facilities in this company are faulty and need to be readjusted in order to continue producing competitive products in the market.

Investigation to the Matter

Following the complains by Walker homes, the plant manager from Dean Door Corporation recommended that the company should hire a quality consultant to train supervisors in the different shifts so as to contain the matter. The shift supervisors were trained accordingly, and the results recorded after the training were compared to the results that had been obtained before the investigation. This data was meant to try and show whether there was any relationship between the previous measurements of the doors and the measurements obtained after the training.


The data was collected in the two phases; before and after training. The data collected in the two phases reveal that the process in in a state of statistical control. This is because the figures are consistent with the company specifications that allow an allowance of 125 inches both in the upper and lower threshold measurements. This means that the assumption that the workload has affected the quality is not true; the workers’ works have been consistent in all shifts. Therefore, the two most likely causes of this quality issue is that Walker Homes are very strict with measurements, or the machines are faulty.


The company can meet the requirements and specifications of the product given. This is because workers are consistent in their work, and once they get used to the new system of producing doors to walker Homes, they will do their work in a competitive and professional manner. The charts below show the consistency of the workers in different shifts. The figures obtained by one person are taken to represent the others.

The Supply Chain Management. Custom The Supply Chain Management Essay Writing Service || The Supply Chain Management Essay samples, help

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