The Human Resource Management Paper

As an International Human Resource Manager, I acknowledge that the process of recruiting, selecting and staffing of employees is so challenging. This is caused by many factors including its complexity. It is a tedious process which involves a lot of the personnel, each of whom is playing a different role. However, it is always challenging to deal with each of them, because they have diverse interests and opinions. The involvement of a team of players in the recruitment procedure can be even more challenging during the interviews, when each of the panelists has his own preferred candidate. At the same time, many applicants can prefer to deal with some of the influential officers within the organization. Lastly, some jobs are highly-closed to a small group of experts whom may be extremely difficult to involve. In this case, it becomes so challenging to get the most appropriate and highly-qualified applicant to fill the available vacancy (Ulrich, 2006).

I would like to recommend that these obstacles can be overcome by promoting the spirit of transparency within the organizations. Whenever there is any vacancy, public announcement should be made to fully inform the general public about it. Enough time should be given to enable the potential applicants to submit their applications. Interviews should be conducted in a free and fair manner to give all of them equal chances. Besides, the concerned organization should formulate rules which stringently prohibit canvassing and any form of unethical practice (Merkle, 2007). Eventually, an organization may hire the services of external human resource firms to conduct the procedure on its behalf. I strongly argue in favor of this, because they will act in a more transparent manner without tolerating any form of malpractice. Doing this will create room for the best applicant who deserves the job to have it.

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