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Green Mountain Resort

Question A

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Gunter, a manager of Green Mountain Resort, made several assumptions about the cause of employee turnover in the organization. One assumption was based on the fact that the resort is situated in a beautiful rural county, which is the poorest in the state (Purdue University, 2013). Consequently, remuneration was lower and the fact that the organization is quite small nature, the opportunities for employee promotion are limited, which would decrease the employees’ growth and development in their careers. Gunter made a conclusion that even if he succeeded to reduce the turnover, the resort still had fewer opportunities for advancement. Gunter tried to stop the turnover problem by making structural arrangements to retain workers by implementing change agents such as introduction of term contracts and benefits. However, these change images were considered coercive and instead drove employees away. Gunter assumed that trying to stop the turnover would solve the problem; in the contrary, the solutions increased the occurrence (Purdue University, 2013). 

The hospitality literature, on the other hand, held that employee turnover is a chronic occurrence that will always be experienced and endured by the organizations. The management only needs to minimize the devastating effects associated with it through streamlining their training, simplifying the jobs, making human resource processes more efficient and avoiding over dependent relationships with particular individuals (Ongori, 2007). This makes the organization continue its operations uninterrupted whenever some employees leave.

The perspective of the consultant was requested by Gunter. His ideas equally shifted to what essentially transpired when good employees left. His perspective looked at what was good about turnover instead of its negative effects. This was done by analyzing for what positions workers left and the level of success in their new positions. The consultant pointed out that the best employees who left Green Mountain often left for better jobs that needed good training, development, and variety of experience, which they had acquired at Green Mountain (Purdue University, 2013). Their records showed high performance in their new jobs, and subsequently more promotions. The most significant aspect is that all employees accredited their success to the training, experience, and early responsibility they received at Green Mountain. This positive feedback circulated, thus many people who wanted great training and learn responsibility, prefer going to Green Mountain resort (Purdue University, 2013).  This made smarter, hardworking and ambitious people to be attracted to begin their careers at Green Mountain in order to advance later.

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Question B: How the Assumptions Influenced Prescriptions

The assumption that turnover problem had to be stopped for the resort to meet its objectives inspired Gunter to make structural arrangements such as introducing term contracts and other benefits to try persuading employees from leaving (Purdue University, 2013). When Gunter realized that turnover was also beneficial to the resort, it stopped being a problem.

Question C: Another Change Image

A change image that needs to be adopted by organization in dealing with the turnover problem is neutralizing the effects of the problem. This brings the insight that such challenges are chronic and perpetual, thus the most important aspect for consideration is minimizing its effect, well known as defusing or neutralizing the magnitude of the impacts (Ongori, 2007). Giving it a new context makes the occurrence that was initially a liability transform into an asset.

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Solutions to problems facing organizations are derived when there is an open perspective among the solution seekers. The turnover problem persisted in the mind of Gunter as a result of his failure to be open to other perspectives that required employee development and promoting advancement among employees. Managers such as Gunter need to concentrate on neutralizing the effects of any challenge and looking at the positive side of any problem since it may bring about an opportunity for the organization.

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