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Value management is one of the most fundamental stages in the development of a construction project. As Thyssen, M.H. et al. explain, it is the best way through which the needs of a client can be analyzed before coming up with the most viable recommendation regarding any project proposal (Goodpasture, J.C., 2004). However, while carrying out this exercise, it is advisable to involve all the concerned stakeholders so as to listen to their opinion about the intended project. It is true that many constructions have failed because of the failure of the contractors to make rightful decisions right from the beginning. The contractor should strive to understand the clients since each of them always have diverse demands.

This paper would like to use Pavlov Residential project which was done by a committed contractor. His preparations indicate the principle of value management. This is evident in the feasibility and the strategic stages of the project. There was an allocation of time for the consultation of the clients. This was done in line with the fact that it involved both the private and corporate clients who were acting on their own behalves or behalf of their organizations.  However, this complexity did not pose a challenge particularly in the information and speculation stages in which all the stakeholders were gathered together to give more information about the project (Thomas, G., 2005).

Hence, enough room was created to enable the contractor critically analyze the situation before coming up with the most applicable strategy to settle on the best alternative. In other words, the value management was successful. It was effectively done in both the information, speculation and evaluation stages. All the pending issues were raised and promptly addressed without any delay. Later, it was evaluated by involving all the interested parties (Marshall, R., 2007).

The clients were assessed by the contractor, valuers and the government in line with construction policies. It would make it possible for all the decision makers to take the necessary steps to ensure that the project accomplishes its intended goals without unnecessarily harming the local populations (Rossi, P.H. et al., 2004). The evaluation also played a crucial role in determining the client’s ability to complete the project within the specified time. It was felt that it is only through ascertaining the financial commitment that it would be possible to gauge the full implementation of the construction.

However, I would like to concur with these scholars for suggesting that the evaluation process would be efficiently achieved by the adoption of the workshop model (DeCarlo, D., 2004). It would be instrumental in assessing individual capabilities of clients to determine the extent to which they would implement the intended project. Through active engagements and connections, it would be easier to ascertain if they could confront the awaiting challenges to dedicate their experience, time, money and other resources to execute the project.

Conclusively, I would like to agree that value management is a noble idea. It is the only way through which the diverse needs of clients can be understood and acted upon. Therefore, contractors must consider involving all the concerned stakeholders during the development of such projects. A part from focusing on the clients, they should also seek the opinion of reputable consultancy firms to give them professional guidelines on exactly what to do. Adequate time should be allocated to allow for everything to be done without unnecessary pressure. This will help in the speculation, information, evaluation, development and the eventual implementation of the project. 

Value Management. Custom Value Management Essay Writing Service || Value Management Essay samples, help

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