Stress at Work

Which of the two general causes of stress, worker characteristics and working conditions, is the most significant in your job? How can you control or manage it?

Human beings are surrounded by stressful conditions that have significant psychological influences. In practice, we often cannot eliminate all stresses in life due to their changing dynamic nature. The fact that humans are perpetually striving to make ends meet by working is not helpful. In my job, the prevailing working conditions form the biggest source of stress. Such conditions as the unpredictable nature of the economy and associated results, (job insecurity, lay offs and retrenchments), institute fear and immense anxiety in my life. Consequently, I am always preoccupied with the thought that tomorrow will be tough and thus there is for me to evaluate my alternatives. This state of mind not only hampers my productivity, but it also has significant effects to my physical and psychological wellbeing.

Managing work related stress is cumbersome, mainly due to the fact that it is not up to me to decide the outlay of the work environment. This is mainly the prerogative of my employers. This, not withstanding, I can manage my working conditions in such a manner that all the stress factors that are within my power to block are done away with. This will involve neatly arranging my work environment, so as to limit unnecessary trouble in carrying out my work. This will reduce time wasting and energy loss on searching for-say given client files.

Additionally, it allows me to be efficient in my work, hence putting me at a better position to keep my job given the unpredictable economic times which may call for lay offs. In the event that all my efforts to reduce the stress factors in a particular working condition do not yield results, I would gladly take the bold step of issuing a quit notice for the sake of my wellbeing. This will, of course, come after I have exhausted all avenues of resolutions at my disposal.

How can a manager best set a strategy for improving customer loyalty? What steps make sense?

Rising competition in the market dictates that managers have to employ sound marketing strategies to attract, maintain and retain their customers. It is a duty of every manager to ensure that their customers not only find value for their money in the goods they buy but also feel appreciated and cared for. They need to feel the manager’s deliberate steps to win their loyalty.

Steps of winning customer loyalty

These steps should generally involve a quick response to customer inquiries and taking the customer’s point of view seriously during bargaining and price settings. The manager should also follow up on the customer’s experience with their company’s products. In case the customer is facing difficulties in using the product, the manager is responsible to immediately attend to these concerns. Personalizing the services of customers is also a crucial step in winning customer loyalty. An equally important step is to educate the customer on various products in the market and how theirs are superior.



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