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Human Resource Management Issue


Human resource management is vital for the balanced running of any institution. This department ensures that all the human resources perform accordingly. Therefore, managers should also be aware of the state of affairs that will enhance the successful running of the human resource management. There are several theories and approaches that managers can adopt in the contemporary world. These will help them pull out efficiency and high productivity in the market economy. These include the Douglas McGregor (1960) X and Y theory and Herzberg’s two-factor theory of motivation among others.

In the recent years, the government of the United States has been trying to foster job creation. Big companies are the most lobbied to comply with these government directives. Thus Wal-Mart Stores Inc., one of the biggest in the world, pledged to employ returning veterans. They will be given jobs in a hiring push that will kick off soon (Alana 2013).

This initiative means 100,000 hires within the company over the next five years. This offer came as the White House encouraged more businesses to employ veterans who return from deployment jobs. This report concerns a volatile U.S. job market where unemployment rate is at its peak, according to the New York Times magazine publication issued on the 16th January 2013 (Alana 2013).


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In a televised speech to the local stations on Tuesday, Wal-Mart Chief Executive Bill Simon declared that his company shall offer jobs to veteran who had am impeccable record while in duty for the last few months.  His speech also implied that Wal-Mart is expected to buy more domestic products from the U.S. that will lead to the company’s expansion of the olive branch to the local industries, thus will lead to the creation of more jobs (Alana 2013).

These Veterans will be working in stores, clubs, in the corporate office, distribution centres.  However, there are those opposing this offer. Some citizens are driven by the idea that the company will not guarantee 40 hours a week, which most people opt for, thus making the job attractive.  Such sentiments put the human resource at a fix, compelling them to look into these workers’ demands which are not easy to meet (Alana 2013).

During the momentous speech, the chief executive officer was blustered by a group of protesters in the hall. They were demanding secure jobs and better terms of service.  “It is Time for Good Jobs and Just Hours,” they chanted in the hall. About 100 workers from various New York groups also protested outside, according to Alana, 2013.  This fact proves that, despite there are individuals willing to give jobs in the country there is a poor response among the jobless individuals. This presents another task for the retail employer under condition of which they need to make retail jobs attractive to the job seekers (Festinger 1957).

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While at it, the CEO promised to create an open working timetable. This is aimed at accommodating part timers. Thus, it will allow them to choose their convenient working hours. In addition, he assured the part-timers that in a due course they shall be fully employed. However, he was reluctant to explain how he was going to realise these promises. As a rejoinder, he stated that most of the Wal-Mart employees started as part timers. This creates another burden to the human resource since they have to come up with employee friendly working hours (Alana 2013).

Another challenge, posed to the management, is the recruitment of qualified procurement managers who will look into production of local goods.  In the conclusion he emphasised that his company shall try buying more domestic products. This will be done by all the company’s outlets in the United States of America. Most of the items to be purchased include sporting items, games costumes, materials and paper products (Alana 2013).

According to Alana 2013, this company plans to allocate enough money to purchase local goods. It is estimated that the company will spend up to $50 billion to realise this aim. There is also another challenge to be faced by the management as they have to face legal battles from initial suppliers. If the current supplies are cut to accommodate domestic purchasing, there is a looming legal battle, especially if these companies are not located in the United States.

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The abovementioned scenario presents many challenges to the human resource management as it was highlighted. It therefore requires the human resource to organise itself and come up with sound decisions that will help cope with this huge impact. Due to the nature of the workers, the management further has to take prudent measures to ensure the quality services to the customers remain paramount (Weick 1995).

People are the nerve centre of any organisation. According to Weick 1955, when people feel that an organisation is receptive to their needs and is helpful in reaching their goals, managers can count on the followers’ commitment and faithfulness.  Managers who are authoritarian or insensitive, who have poor communication skills and simply do not care about the work force can never be effective ones. The human resource manager should work on behalf of the institution and its staff, striving to satisfy all their interests (Festinger 1957).

According to the report, posted on the New York Times, one of the major problems that the human resource faces is the insurance of a security of tenure to the new employees. Bearing in mind that the number is overwhelming, there is need to reach a consensus with the new employees. This is a bit challenging, but the manager should involve the new workers in a high stake meeting where they talk on a proper framework. According to Festinger (1957), that will be implemented in the future without straining the company’s budget.  The management can choose to offer the permanent jobs to those who deliver. Thus the new employees should agree on a probation period of about two months, thereafter assuming full employment or otherwise.

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Many workers would like longer working hours and also flexible schedules. Although, the main reason of this company was to create employment, there are people who have other part-time jobs. These people would find it hard to adjust to their previous working hours, thus they may lose this new job opportunity owing to time schedule (Alana 2013)

The management, though, should come up with a variety of schedules where workers will have a chance to choose their most convenient time for working activity. This will also require the employees to list the time that they are available for work. Hence it will help to avoid conflict within the workplace when workers do not report on work at the right time (Weick 1995).

Workers require remuneration for all the work done. The management should endeavour to compensate everything done. This includes the overtime and other required extra jobs. Given the nature of employees, it’s evident that most of them do not have a stable income as they were jobless. Therefore the management should also consider giving advance salaries as a measure to retain the new employees’, to foster job retention and consequently motivate them (De Charms 1968).

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As mentioned in the story, most of these workers have been away from work for a long period and may not be fully equipped with the required knowledge. Thus the management should come up with various in house training strategies. This will equip the new workers with ample skills for quality service delivery. According to De Charms (1968), the management will also get a chance to train the new workers in diverse fields, so that they have an all rounded staff as an added advantage.

During the recruitment, the management should also consider giving jobs to the most qualified individuals. This will help to cut on the cost of running the business and also save time that would have been used to train these new employees. However, there should be an enabling environment to help the new employees fit in the new work environment. This will be done through ample orientation and description of responsibilities (Argyris 1960).

Because change causes people to feel inept, needy and ineffective, the improvement of new skills, openings for participation, and offering psychological support can help in the transition process. These are critical managerial tasks,according to K. E. Weick (1995). Given that the company had other employees under its watch, it’s also important to look at the issues that may arise from the already existing work force. It is evident that a massive recruitment may cause a hick up in the system. Therefore, the management should go ahead and assure the existing staff of their job security (Argyris 1960).

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This will minimise the “new workers phobia” that may come from the incoming members of staff and who may pose a potential threat to the present staff. Moreover, those working within should be rewarded accordingly, for example being given promotions and being involved in the recruitment of the new members of staff (Weick 1995).

Due to the fragmentation and disintegration that may arise after hiring new staff, the management should ensure egalitarianism and team work of the new and the existing members. This will go a long way to avoid indifference among these two groups. This left unabated can lead to poor job performance and also high employees’ turnover rate (Argyris 1960).

For a healthy business environment the management should introduce the skills that foster positive group work. This will consequently be advantageous for the company. Such activities include allowing the employees to set their own goals, rules and objectives to govern the working place. The manager should also solve any arising disputes peacefully using truth, reason, and coherent point of view to assert the merits of your point of view (Sergiovanni 1989).

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The management should also balance tasks and process goals. This will make sure that there are no worker who is overloaded with responsibilities while others remain with minor duties. Furthermore, there should be no leniency for any of the workers, all should receive equal treatment despite the fact that they are not at the same level of experience. Chris 1995 saidthat the worker-structure disagreement is built into the traditional principles of organisational arrangement and administration. Therefore, it is important to put in the new changes to suit both the old and the new workers within the system as a measure to minimise conflict (Bolman 1997).

Burden and overloading can lead to some workers forming defence mechanism in protest. Given that this is a huge company where workers interact with the customers at a very personal level, there is need to ensure good interpersonal relations within the workforce to save the company the shame of open confrontations in the eyes of the clients (Sergiovanni 1989).

As reported, some of the employees were not happy working on short time contracts. Moreover, some of them saw this job as the one lacking prestige. This created reluctance and a negative attitude towards the job. This kind of mind set is not healthy for business as the employees are not fully motivated to work at the company. In this regard, the management should attempt to make this job as attractive as possible (Weick 1995).

The workers should be motivated extrinsically till they gain a positive attitude. This can be done through involving the workers in decision making. Also, following the Maslow’s hierarchy of need, the worker is to be satisfied at each level. This can be done through ensuring job security, making the workers feel as part of the family and also adequate remuneration coupled with promotions and awarding of the best workers (Argyris 1960).

The manager’s job is to shore up and empower workers.  Support takes an array of forms, allowing people to realise that they are imperative and that managers are concerned about their ell being; communicating personal warmth and openness; listening to find out about their followers’ hopes and goals etc (Sergiovanni 1989).

The human resource manager can influence his staff in many ways. Amid those ways mentioned there is the participation of the employees in decision making and openness in internal affairs of the company. Furthermore, the manager should emphasise autonomous thinking among workers. The management should also provide adequate resources needed by workers for quality delivery of services. Human resource manager should accentuate honesty among workers and the management, foster communication which will help to resolve differences and identify issues.  It is a person who is willing to brazen out others when it is needed, trying to do so in an open spirit (Bolman & Deal 1991).

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While attending to worker drive and mind-set, managers should recognise that proper workplace hygiene is primary in providing the basis for motivation. That motivation to work is a psychological process not a matter of a worker’s interest in the job and salary is not a motivator, it is a hygiene factor. Thus the management should look into the workers problems with an open mind, listen to them and offer solutions even though the problems or questions are not work related (Weick 1995).

The manager’s job  is the one to support and empowerment. Support takes a variety of dimensions and can include letting people understand that they are important and that managers are concerned about their well-being at work and in their life in general. Moreover, listening to find out goals and aspirations of their followers and communicating personal openness and  warmth can also foster a healthy working environment (Bolman & Deal 1997).

Politics is another reality that the management should beware of. Due to the external influence, the management should set up a strong legal team to shield the company from such peripheral interference. It should also be kept in mind that the available resources are not enough to give everyone what he or she desires. Conflict is, however, inevitable. There is always going to be conflict of interests among workers and the broader-spectrum of the society. Thus management should be equipped with information that will help the employees make decisions amicably (Bolman & Deal1997).

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Managers should endeavour to articulate the problems and challenges facing the staff, they should work harder and come up with solutions. This will lead to a healthy working environment with every worker being factored. Managers must minimise internal battles at all time. This left unabated will lead to the poor job performance. On the other hand, a solid and harmonised group is poised to face any external and internal challenges and come out victorious (Weick 1995).

The manager in this scenario should keep vigil and promote unity within the company. He or she should also go ahead and institute various changes that will see the institution embrace the new work force positively. Every worker needs salary, job security, training etc, so that all those mentioned and other extrinsic factors should also be given priority in the organisation (Festinger 1997). This coupled with team work and problem solving mechanisms will ensure quality services performed by the staff and also attract more customers. However, the company should not stoop too low for the staff. There is need to recognise that there is power and it should be respected at all times.



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