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According to the company’s expansion plan, it has decided to use the undifferentiated market coverage strategy which was successfully used in the United States market. The main component of the company is to ensure that the consumer has the option to live healthy by offering nutritious beverages and snack options. The alternative is to make at-home smoothies that will be available in the grocery stores. The company suggests going against Styrofoam cups used as packaging components. Instead, the company choose a more environmentally friendly and recyclable option by using the paper cups that wont pollute the environment. The company wishes to expand its market in the United Kingdom. It has used various steps to identify its targeted audience which included the creation of a feasible budget, determination of a media mix, establishment of the campaign massage, determination of a strategic campaign approach and evaluation of the effectiveness of the campaign. (Claire 2000)

The company reaches its online consumer through various social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. It has also advertised on the Internet and in public television commercial during the prime viewing time. The company marketing messages are, “lifestyle brand that stands for exceptional tasking, apt- for-your nourishment”. The second message is that there is a variety of yoghurts, juices, fruits and boosts that can be enjoyed by its customers. The company uses various sales promotions including “Buy one, get one” campaign so as to increase its brand awareness. It also uses a frequent buyer card reward program to create the loyal relationship between Jamba Juice and its customers. Jamba juice does not use the price discrimination as a strategy in pricing its products. This is an advantage to its customers since they charge the same price for products regardless of their location. The company uses a standard worldwide pricing strategy since its products line does not vary throughout the world. (Winder 1993)


From the understanding and application of knowledge in management, I conclude that for a company to improve on its daily operation it has to be aware of the available market, resources and strategies used by its competitors. Jamb Juice Company uses two competitive strategies, foreign expansion and licensing strategy. These approaches are using techniques from the field of knowledge management. Adaptation of these two strategies contributed to a higher return for the company. The company has been successful since its management addresses its customers need. The Jamb a Juice is able cater for its customers’ needs by using different techniques such as, advertisement in the Internet and television, direct dialogue with costumers and social networking. It plans to expand into other countries; therefore, the company will have an enormous market. This shows an increase in its revenue for the past years. Jamba Juice CPG licensing income grew from $78,000 in 2010 to $425,000 in 2011. This is mainly contributed by the fact that nine of the Jamba juice licensed products were commercialized. (Claire 2000)



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