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Leadership Development Plan

Based on the above overview, the plan outline describes the leadership the students will receive. Good leadership, in my view, follows the vision and mission of the school. This is the main agenda, since everyone is for the better performance in both classes and co-curricular activities. Vision is the driving factor in the school setting, and hence there is a need to ensure that it is the right in accordance with the students’ discipline. Moreover, all the rules and regulations are for the best of both the students and the school. Good leadership is not only administered by one person, hence need for the shared vision in order to deliver the qualified leadership. This has to go in hand with the need to involve the audiences in the leadership activities especially through communication. Good communication channels have to be employed by possibly coming at terms with the people. An exceptional leader is one who gets himself involved with the people, so that the real group at the grounds can be reached. Quality leadership can also be achieved well through the willingness to solve activities at small steps. When there is no any vision and honor, then the leadership will be of no use and hence rendered not willing to assist the audience at any cost (Lansing, 1959).

The Rating The Vision Communication

- To ensures that the shared vision of the school drives the curriculum through the plan;


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- To ensures that the school’s vision and mission are in line with the discipline of students;

- To ensure that the targeted audience is reached;

- Seek the opportunity to communicate with the audience and students

2 - To see that the transformation is based on a shared vision

- Make sure that a big audience is targeted

- Willing to do plans on requests

3 - To ensure that the vision and mission are well developed

- Ensure that people are reached in small groups

- Willing to do plans even at the limited settings

4 - Fail to ensure the development of vision and mission

- Not concerned with the audiences

- Not willing to perform any plan



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