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The Focus of Leadership

A plan is essential for the focus of leadership in order to attain the intended success. It is thus essential for the leader to reflect on all the weaknesses and strengths received from the self assessment test. Some of the weaknesses might be the lack of courage to face direct critics. A plan has to incorporate all the weakness, so that they can not work against the leader in his or her leadership career. A plan also has to include the strategies of accepting critics as a positive insight for the better leadership. A leader should not allow opponents to intimidate him or her when one learns of his or her weakness since that is all one wants. Strengths should, however, not be overvalued since too much of them can be dangerous too. This should be perfect when drafting the possible outline on how to rule in a given period. (Collins, 1998).

The conclusion focuses on the personal reflections in the project, we have learnt about the dimensions of leadership in the essence of preparing students for the better leadership skills available. In order to achieve this, surveys on the previous leaders and the current leaders get conducted to determine how they did it or how they are performing. In most cases, the outcome can not be relied on as much, but the students receive advice on how to be themselves and bring out the personal and leadership skills that they have. At profound levels, it should be noted that exemplary leaders engage in activities that involve caring for the students needs in general and intervening in cases of oppression. Strategic leaders with the aims of destroying the students are extremely dangerous, since they lead to the drag of the school activities hence leading to dismal performances. It is thus advised to be a lawful leader for the common good of the academic institution and hence better results could be achieved.

Dimension Regular program Support program

Work with the teachers in developing appropriate academic expectation


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Establish the staff evaluation on the rules and regulation governing the students

Utilize the information from formal and informal observations

Should understand and implement the guidelines for the support programs

Does meditations activities and evaluation of programs, and also encourages the revision support


Utilize the information from observations and support individual growth programs

Work with teachers in indentifying the students needs

Monitor the implementation programs

Understand the guidelines of support programs and thus articulate these to the stakeholders


Monitor the poorly defined staff evaluation process

Minimize the attention to the individual students needs and thus deal with the general

Encourage the implementation of the portfolios

Provide the stakeholders with guidelines and support


Pay attention to the staff instructions

Not rely on external sources when making decisions

Recognize the individual needs but have no plan of meeting them

Have no evidence to support the program monitoring.



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