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Leadership Role

Quality leadership looks at the present leadership. Then one weighs is that leadership is up to the standards. If not, what it has done well? Are the people involved in the leadership or is just in a one leader affair? This brings to the attention of assessment leadership based on the following statistics (Maxwell, 1997).

Leadership standard components Satisfactory level Unsatisfactory level The sample documentation
The situational analysis

Describing the situational contexts clearly

Well documentation of specific topics

The situational contexts are ambiguously described

Topics are not well documented

The SWOT analysis

The case study description

The leadership practicum portfolio

The goals and the objectives

The overall goal is stated explicitly

The objectives have been defined specifically

The goals and objectives are stated in unclear manner Presence of ambiguous roles like making more recruits to the organization without solving handy situations
The action plan and strategy

The steps are well defined to achieve the objective

Resources needed are available for solving problems

There are no clear plans to solve the problems

Presence of the planning worksheets

Planning guide available


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Planning chart also available

Impact of the product outcomes Clear procedures and documentation of the products, the outcomes Inappropriate documentation or sometimes inadequate

The performance measures available;

Programming the evaluation results

Personal reflection

The journals clearly documenting the reflections on the leadership

Practical experiences

The journals are limited to the description of the leadership measure

No practical experiences stated

Availability of the leadership practicum journals

Presence of summary reflection paper

Results communication The multimedia reports that clearly document the results The summary reports are not completed and fail to acknowledge the leadership

Presence of narrated video presentation;

The power point presentations.



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