Employee Relations

Employee relations ensure that the organization is able to achieve its strategic goals with ease. Employees need to be treated well in order for them to maximize their time. When employees are provided with the necessary incentives and reimbursed effectively, they can maximize their time to the organization and increase the revenue outlay for the company. As such, employee relation is vital for the success of the organization.

In conclusion, employment relations are vital in an organization in order to enhance peaceful coexistence in the work place. Various theories outlining the employment relations should be the guideline for the management when harnessing employment relations. Conflict resolution strategies are enacted in order to ensure that the management realizes its strategic goals in the society.

Ideally, an organization with a high number of grievances denotes that there is laxity in the managerial team. In an ideal situation, grievances in the company should not recur after every financial year; however, the management should incorporate strategies that will minimize grievances in the organizations. In case where the organization reports high number of grievances over a short period, restructuring of managerial team is vital. An organization that does not satisfy the workers and customers implies that there are a few numbers of individuals who are enriching themselves.

In conclusion, the business entities should incline to the grievance procedure in order to enhance their efficiency in the whole operations. Most of the finances are usually channeled to combat grievances through court processes; the entity can minimize such irrelevant costs by enacting grievance procedures to enhance its management. However, an entity should minimize the number of grievances over a given period, as it is not healthy to the organization.



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