Total Reward

Total reward entails that all aspects of work are valued by employees in an organization, including essentials such as learning and development occasions and/or a smart operational environment, in addition to the wider pay and reimbursement packages. The importance of total rewards is in influencing the concept as a whole and the personal elements to attract motivate and maintain talent. Real estate agents are usually sales professionals who conduct their services to real estate brokers in order to reach for a commission-sharing contract. The first reward of the real estate investment entails the fact that the whole organization is less complex to manage and thus easier to get into the business, one does not need to have previous experience as it is a field that one can learn first., the basic requirement is the willingness to learn from a personal level in order to become a professional real estate agent. This reward aims at achieving consistency in the individual and the organization at large (David, 1993).

Rewarding in the real estate development is a good chance of getting high returns in the business. For instance, historically, in the United States, investors have received returns approximating to about 10% on rewarding in the real estate developments. This is due to the fact that unlike other organizations the real estate sector is not volatile and for this reason it does not experience challenges such as the extreme ups and downs of the securities of the investment. Real estate investment other reward is the provision of the real tax advantages such as the depreciation, deductibility and transferability. Therefore, this is an implication that an investor can make deductions of normal expenses, defer taxes vie the tax-Deferred 1031 exchange and in addition depreciate the investment s of an individual (David, 1993).



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