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Intervention in the Organization Management


For the organization that is growing and with the effect of the changes that are experienced on daily basis, changes have become inevitable in the organization management. Therefore, every management in the organization must be aware of the best intervention in approach in management change depending on current situation of the business. Cumming and Woodley 2009 suggested several approaches towards the management change. However, in our case will look at two approaches and how they affect business management.

Human process intervention

This is an intervention process dealing with interpersonal relationships and group dynamics. The process can be broken down to different parts for simplicity and better understanding. The first intervention is T-group. This ensures that ten to fifteen strangers are brought together with a trainer to help in examining social dynamics that crop up through their interactions. The trainer help them in learning about the group that they are working with in the organization, the dynamics involved in each group, how to cope up with the leadership challenges and the interpersonal relations among themselves.

The next one is process consultation. In this intervention, the main aspect looked at is interpersonal relations. This emphasis the very each one of the worker should coexist in the workplace. The intervention also deals with social dynamic problems occurring in the group. A consultant is required to help the members be able to diagnose how their group works and come up with solutions for emerging problems such as conflicts, communication and norms in the group (Bolman & Deal 2008).
The human process is also supposed to cover third party intervention which is a change method dealing with consultation process that help the dysfunctions caused by interpersonal relations in the organization.


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The other one is the team building which help the group works became more effective in the way they accomplishes their work. In the process, the task go beyond consultation as examination is done to group tasks, members roles and the strategies used in accomplishing given tasks.

The process can also use search conference change method where clarification of important values in the organization is done. This also ensures that new ways of addressing the organization problems are devised to make sure that a new vision of the organization is articulated.

It is also possible to have an organization confrontation meeting where the employees are mobilized during the time of stress to come up with a problem solving solution through brainstorming process. After coming up with a solution, they are meant to set action targets to realize it. Then, there are supposed to work towards attaining the set target using the appropriate tools of work.

An organization can use normative approach method to enable them specify best way in management method by use of standardized instruments that are used to measure organizational practices. For the organization to run smoothly and ensures that the change brought on board is well utilized for the effective organization management, intergroup relation intervention techniques is very vital. It helps groups from different department or organization to interact, which is very important in the change process in the organization (Stace, & Dunphy, 2001).

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Techno- structural intervention

This intervention involves organization technology on how its job is designed, its task method, and structure. The structure looked at is division of labor and the hierarchy organization of the company. The disciplines that get involved in the process are such as engineering, psychology, sociology and social technical systems as well as organizational design (Andriopoulos, & Dawson, 2009). Therefore, the organization will get consultant who will emphasize productivity and the human fulfillment in the firm. The intervention can be classified into different parts to help in the way the organization change is dealt with.

The first one is structural design, which concerns division of labor. This deals with the way work is specialized in the organization. The process will ensure that diagnostic guidelines are put I plc to come up with the best method of organizational technology, environment and the conditions to ensure that the change in the organization management is effective and done towards the achievement of their goals (Yasgoor, & Bressler, 2008).

The other way the organization can help in the process of change is by the method of down sizing. The method is used in the reduction method of in pursuit of reducing organization size. This can be achieved by personnel lay offs, out sourcing of services from other companies as well as redesigning the organization to ensure that it functions better than before and effectively.

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The organization can decide to re-engineer their work processes creating a mere pronounced linkages and coordination of their task. The organization can also create a parallel learning structure by having a collateral organization that helps them in solving common problems.

The organization can also come up with high involvement organizations that they will work together in the assimilation process of the change. The organization can also ensure that they have total quality management that will enhance structured and comprehensive approach seeking improvement of the quality of the products and services the company offers in the organization. The approach also considers work design intervention that its aim is to create work groups in the organization to help develop employee development and fulfillment in their work productivity (Paton, & McCalman, 2008).

Comparing and contrasting two intervention change


In choosing the kind of the intervention that best suit the organization, it is always good to come up with the best method to offer this to the organization in manner that will allow it to be acceptable by the employees. It is obvious a change in the organization will always create a strain that may cause resistance in the company. Therefore, no matter which intervention method used, either human process or tech-structure, god method should be used to ensure that employees welcome the change.

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Both interventions also require to be remitted slowly with the help of the employees. There is no intervention method that can turn things round in the organization without being given enough time. Both interventions should be systematic (Cummings, & Worley, 2009). As they have discussed earlier, they are aimed to helping the organization come into term with a certain change that an organization has brought on board to ensure that it achieve its goal in the competitive business world. There are both introduce to the organization by the management and implemented by the whole organization members. They both involve use of resources to accomplish them. They all need strict and close supervision to ensure that they get what they deserve out of the intervention. They both requires integration of individuals differences, organizational factors and the dimension of change required to be put in place during designing process (Pattanayak, 2005).


The intervention discussed above has some several differences in the way they are affected towards change intervention. According to Sengupta , & Bhattacharya 2006, Human process intervention method is basically inclined on the social issues while the techno-structure deals with the technology involved in the technology and the best way of realizing it effectively in the organization. The human process ensures that it looks at the issue of communication gap among members, conflicts among members and their differences whereas techno- structure process helps in bringing new technology in the organization like automating the machines in pursuit of increasing their efficiency.

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Coca-Cola case study

Coca-Cola Enterprise Inc. Required to upgrade their software system that would help them uphold the technology that thus remaining as beverage industry leader. They also wanted to merchandise their goods across stores maintaining controlled quality on stores level. This was meant to increase the productivity, effectiveness and efficiency of the service and goods delivery.

Therefore, the management had to come up with a way for ensuring that this has been done and done correctly. Because the common employees were not in a position to tackle the problem, they decide to out source these services from other company to ensure that they deal with the problem arising promptly and with ease.

In averting the problem, they placed the following company to help them deal with the problem they were experiencing. JDA Software Company was selected to offer the solution for the problem experienced. The following departments of the company was involved, category advisor, intactix knowledge base, space automation and space planning. The company was selected to ensure that the former systems are replaced and a new software system installed. Their choice of JDA was because it is has a record of accomplishment as a software supplier worldwide and it is more customer focused. The company selected was supposed to ensure that they manage the ever-rising number of stores in specific planogram created for the customers.
The effectiveness of the service offered was due to the way the company assigned various job to different department. JDA category advisor provided Coca-Cola enterprise with planogram creation analysis and integration and created a point of sale data. They did this by integrating the point of sale data with the planograms that were in the company to ensure that the company gets information faster and effectively to ensure that they execute a decision faster. This help in the optimization and effectiveness service in the shelf.

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JDA space planner ensures that Coca-Cola enterprises are able to execute top-level category plan by ensuring that they achieve specific store assortment management. This was meant to ensure that they are able to maximize their profit. They were also able to assure the customers by ensuring that the required products are at the right place at the right time. JDA intactix knowledge base solution helps Coca-Cola in the management of the planograms. They ensured that they gave fixtures, make floor plans and give attribute to data performance.

After the technological change was done through the outsourced company through techno- structure intervention, the company experienced a number of benefits (Harvey, & Brown, 2001). They were able to have streamlined plans and execution of by the use of the change that has been placed in their company. The technological change brought optimization of space and increased category performance of their job. Due to getting of the information at the right time, they were able to increase their sales consequently increasing their profits due to enhanced decision-making. They were able to improve the panogram consistency and their accuracy reducing the possibility of errors that were initially there.

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Other change intervention to be implemented to coca cola enterprise

Having outsourced the company that was there to initiate change, the Coca Cola company requires too have the changes brought in there company stay with them by ensuring that their employees absorbs it. The management should ensure that they uphold the human process intervention method in pursuit of ensuring that they keep always with the technology that was brought on board by the company (News.Bbc.Co.Uk).

The company should organize a T-group having a trainer from the outsourced company(Sullivan, (2009). The trainer apart from guiding them in the way they are supposed to relate with each other in the company should also ensure that they learn put the operation process of the automated process. They should also be trained on the way to keep the safety measure incase the automated machines broke down. The company should be aimed at ensuring that the employee are able to relate well as they carry out the change introduced to curb the possibility of the of the technology failure. This will be well tackled by the training the employees.

Their customers are also very important (Bogardus, 2009). The technology introduced in the company will also affect them. Therefore, to ensure that they are also competent with the change that has been introduced in the company. There should also be some clinics that should be organized to help especially the main distributors who are their main bulk customers. They should ensure that they are taught on the importance of the introduced technology and made to understand it. This is one way in which the company will ensure the technology will be more effective in its intended function and in meeting the intended goals within the stipulated time. Change as usual comes with a lot of resistance from both internal and external forces, so if the necessary measures are not put in place, no matter how good the change appeared initially, it might terribly fail. Therefore, there is need to create a good foundation for the change introduced through using the appropriate intervention(Russell, 2006).

Problems that my be encountered

As usual, changes are not well taken by the employees at the initial stage. Any mistake that can be donning in the way they are implemented may cause more harm also. Therefore, as usual the suggested change intervention should be followed by some challenges that might be encountered. Preparation for the challenges that may be encountered prior to the time of implementation is very important as it ensures that the management is able to strategize on how to deal with such problems (Brazzel & Jones, 2006)

The first problem that the changes in the company may bring is from the employees who are to be trained to implement the change in the future. This is foreseen to happen as the company the change did not come from the company but rather from an outsourced one. Therefore, there is possibility of the employees tend to be sluggish in the way they will respond to the training. If this happen, the process will take a longer time than expected and use a lot of money.

The employees might have different understanding on the outsourcing of another company to make sure that they bring the intended change in the company. There might be fear in them thinking that they might be sacked. This might lower the productivity level during the time affecting the companies turn over (Amado , Ambrose, & Amato, 2001).

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British Broadcasting Corporation documentary about Coca Cola failure in Middle East countries in 2002. This will review documentary about the Coca Cola failure in the Middle East from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) that was collected from the interview on Wednesday 8, January 2003. According to the documentary, the company felt a great pressure in their market share after the customers boycotted their product claiming that Americans supported Israel in their war with Palestinian. The boycott was sparkled all over Arab countries where American export to Saudi Arabia declined with 40% within the first three month of 2002. The Coca Cola Company felt the impact and had to take a considerable measure to avert the situation.

The management assessed the damage caused by the boycott looking at the cause of the boycott and decided to work toward some recommendations. They had to ensure that they manufacture a product that has the identity of the Arab country to ensure that they are not confused with the political issue. In addition, they had to ensure that they involve the local marketers to make their goods in the countries and thus helping the consumers get a taste of their own making. By doing so, the market share started increasing and their competitiveness was back. This was done by changing their brand name to sound local. By doing so, they used techno-structure intervention change and therefore realizing their objectives.



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