Leadership Critical to Managing Change

When there is change, (as is the case in downsizing circumstances), undoubtedly the most significant determinant of "Getting through the swamp", is the capability of management to lead. For effective management of change, one needs to be privy to three distinct time zones where leadership is significant. The three time zones comprise of: preparing for the journey, struggling through the swamp, and after making it through.

Playing a leading role through the three phases is not simple. Not only are you accountable to lead, but also as an employee of the organization, you have to deal with own responses to the change, and your responsibility in it. However, if you are unproductive in leading change, you will put up with a very heavy individual load. Because you are responsible for the performance of your unit, you will have to tackle the ongoing loss of efficiency that can be a result of feebly managed change, not to mention the possible impact on your own satisfaction of your job.

In any organization where there is faith in the abilities of the management, employees expect a number of things from the leaders. During change times, employees look forward to sensible and effective planning, effective and confident decision making, and complete, regular communication that are well-timed. During times of change, workers perceive management as supportive, committed and concerned about their welfare, while at the same time making out the need to make tough decisions.

In organizations where there is poor leadership, workers expect nothing constructive. In such a climate of distrust, employees learn that management will take action in scrawled ways and in ways that are not in the best interests of anyone. Therefore, poor leadership means lack of hope, of which if it goes on for long, results in an organization becoming nonfunctional. An organization therefore must deal with the sensible, impact of objectionable change, but more outstandingly, must endeavor under the weight of human resources who have lost faith in the system or given up in the ability of leaders to turn around the organization.

Excellent leadership before, during and after change accomplishment is the means to getting through the swamp. Unfortunately, if you haven't founded a track record of efficient leadership, by the time you have to tackle hard changes, it may be too late.



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