Organizational Behavior

Job satisfaction

Job satisfaction is an element of organizational behavior which determines the employees' nature of performance. The employees' job dissatisfaction is normally attributed to, un-attractive remuneration packages, lack of job specification, ineffective tools and materials among others. To address this problem therefore, the human resource management must exercise the participative and servant leadership styles whereby, the employees are allowed to participate in decision making in matters relating to their job specification and welfare (Speculand, 2009). The servant leadership will ensure that the employees' needs are catered for whilst taking responsibility for the down fall caused by the employees. This will boost the employees' capacity and morale in discharging of their duties.

Authority and responsibility

The duties and responsibilities of various employees in various departments of the organization should be clearly outlined and disseminated to the workers of all levels in the organization. The leaders of the organization should uphold the office ethics at all times. For the effective performance of a business, the leadership has to be intact. Many employees in most business institutions are not satisfied with their jobs simply because of their bosses who do not treat them well. Clear policies regarding the code of conduct of the employees should be put in place to ensure that there is smooth running of the business (Flood, 2000). The management hierarchy should be clearly outlined including the chain of command. This includes the protocols within the organization which should be made clear to all.

Work life and balance

The work life balance varies amongst the different employees of the organization depending on the needs and the derivation of satisfaction from the nature of work done by an individual. However, an organization should create time for its employees to enjoy the achievements attained from their hard work.

Trust and humor

It is important for the employer and the human resource division to build trust in their employees. If the employees are not entrusted in discharging their duties they will feel unsatisfied with their jobs. The employers therefore should entrust their employees with their responsibilities hence accord them little or no supervision at all (Alkhafaji, 2003). The organizational design should allow the employees to have a say and power to make decisions in matters relating to the assigned task. The employees therefore should not be checked too often. This will boost their confidence levels and make them satisfied with their jobs.

The vision of most of the employees in most business institutions is to advance their careers other than just enjoy their pay packages. It is therefore a necessary and sufficient condition for the employer to ensure that the working environment of the employees is conducive enough for the employees to effectively execute their duties.



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