Leadership Skills

Leadership is the practice of influencing a group of people towards achieving a common goal. A leader is an individual who has decisive management skills to positively motivate a group to a more consistent and articulate way. To acquire positive leadership, a good leader is required to steer an organization towards accomplishment of set objectives through quality leadership. Management skills are vital in quality leadership.

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There are four factors of leadership. These are the leader, the followers, communication and situation. A leader is the person who directs the followers by setting an example. The leader should have vast skills in dealing with challenges. The leader is successful if the organization achieves the initially set objectives.

The followers are a group of individuals with different characters, ethics, values and beliefs. The followers determine whether the leadership is worth following. Understanding each individual is vital. A leader of a group should know the followers individually because successful leadership involves a balanced style of leadership. In     Communication is a vital factor in leadership. Good communication in a group of people involved a two-way communication between the leader and the followers. Communication in an organization is verbal and non-verbal. In verbal communication, listening carefully and paying attention is the key to understanding the message. The person sending the message should ensure that the targeted audience is listening before speaking. To improve communication skills, a person should encourage the listeners to ask questions after receiving the message and ask the listeners to repeat their understanding of the message.

Different situations are present in different organizations. A quality leader should have the skills to lead followers into accomplishment of the set objectives in all situations (Lintz 41). Different situations require different leadership approaches. A good leader knows when and how to react in different situations, to enable him/her retain a healthy relationship with the followers.

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A leader can communicate non-verbally by setting examples. This is the most essential leadership skill and effective way of communication. This method shows followers the precise way of conduct. The method of setting an example is more successful than verbal communication. Followers value their leaders by the actions they do wherever they are. A good leader has the responsibility of maintaining a morally accepted culture that suits others.

Evaluation of past activities and achievement of a group is the best way of measuring performance. Improvement of a group’s performance is possible if the people involved understand what they have done and whether they have accomplished set goals. To ensure that activities are well evaluated, group members should work as a team and check whether the job was done in the right way and on time.

A good leader ensures team work between the followers and the leader. In this method, responsibilities are shared between leaders and followers. At times, the followers are allowed the opportunity to lead others. A leader teaches the followers skills they need to effectively lead a group (Adair 56). This method of sharing leadership ensures that the group members are well skilled with knowledge and practical skills in leadership, and the group operates normally incase of absence of any member.

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Leadership is good when people work as a team and accomplish their objectives. Effective leadership is one that ensures that the people in a group are inspired to achieve even more than they objected (Adair 23). People are highly inspired by leaders who lead by example and those who work with followers as a team. In a team, people have the freedom to share ideas, responsibilities and express their feelings freely without fear. Quality leadership involves equal participation by all members of a group.

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