Statistical Process Controls

There are several solutions that can be derived using various Statistical Process Controls. One of the solutions that can be attained through application of Statistical Process Controls is quality improvement. For example, business organizations use Statistical Process Controls in collection, organization and interpretation of information relating to quality of its products thus enabling the quality control team to measure and control possible quality variables that may affect quality of products and services being produced. In this aspect, Statistical Process Controls also help in analysis of any variations in processes being measured and helps in reduction of this variation to enhance consistency for better outcome and performance.

SPC training is important to the employees and managers of a company because the training enables them to keep processes in control through provision of surveillance as well as appropriate feedback. Training also enables managers and employees to give a signal incase a process experiences a problem/variation and establish the cause. It enables managers to run various processes without close supervision, monitoring or inspection since SPC provides mechanisms for process monitoring, making process changes and tracking the effects of such changes.

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When gathering and analyzing data, timeliness is important to meet set targets, get updated data and give enough time for subsequent treatment or application of the data. Accuracy is vital for reliability of the gathered and analyzed data when carrying out applications. The data gathered and analyzed need to be relevant in order to achieve desired and reliable outcomes/results.

Data might shape operations management through provision of previous and current data to enable the operations manager to plan well for future operations and activities. For example; previous and current quality data for a business organization might help the quality assurance team to shape various quality operations to either improve or maintain product conformance.

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