Significant of Security

In view of Loudon (2008) Management information system is a term that is used to refer to a system that provide and analyze data used for making decision in an organization. The term describes how information technology is integrated to organizations to assist in generating decision reports at various levels of organizations.

Through learning management information systems, I have appreciated the power that information has. Information is used by managers at different levels of an organization to make both short and long term decisions. For this reason, the Information needs to be secure such that intruders like competitor and hackers don't access to it.

In this regard computer systems which processes, stores and disseminates information need to be guarded properly such that they don't fail any time. This is done using the modern security technologies such as installation of an antivirus and bucking up information.

Loudon (2008) argues that, for the purposes of securing information, it is important for data administrators to make clear analysis of all the possible threats and risks, and then use the right security measure to prevent them. Most possible threats include intruders who have unauthorized access to information and use it for their benefits other than intended use .for this reason, an organizations should have a policy which describes how information is accessed. Firewall has become one best security tool since it filters the type of information to be accessed.

Saddle (2011) points out that, use of passwords and biometrics is equally another effective way of securing information since the user has to verify that he or she is the one claimed to be. This has an added advantage when doing online transactions.

Never the less, use of encryption and public key helps to secure information when it is being transmitted over the internet since this is possible since the encrypted code is unreadable.

In conclusion data security in an organization is important since it helps managers to make right decision from reliable source of data, make information a availabe decision maker, and have save data transmission over the internet.



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