Job Core Characteristics

Hackmann and Oldham’s job characteristics model states that core job characteristics are five and they are meant to motivate employees. The characteristics include, according to a research originally done by Hackmann and Oldham, task identity, skill variety, feedback, autonomy and task significance. They argued that these characteristics impact what they termed as the three critical psychological states which are meaningfulness of the job, responsibility of the outcomes and knowledge of the results. The psychological states in turn influence work outcomes like work motivation, absenteeism and job satisfaction. The job core characteristic model is obviously practiced the Google company, explaining its success (Anon, 2010).

Meaningfulness of work

When work is experienced as meaningful, the overall effectiveness of the company is increased. This is derived from core characteristics like skill variety. Employers allowed exploit their knowledge in various areas what is making their expertise more productive. The Google company, for example, may have its website designers to promote the website and take part in marketing or advertisement management. Task identity is another characteristic that enables one to take pride of his/her job. This motivates the employee to positively increase output of the company. Google employers obviously take pride of their jobs, thus increasing the output. A characteristic which is known as task significance is the ability of the employees to identify their work as contributing wider to the society, country or the world at large, apart from themselves (Anon, 2010). This is readily manifested in Google as it has gained the accessibility to a major part of the world. 


Responsibility comes from autonomy, with the freedom, discretion and independence provided to the workers in determining the procedures and scheduling their work that has a positive impact in the outcome of the company or firm. This is practiced by Google since its workers can work anytime from its various departments including those who work online from various countries (Anon, 2010).

Knowledge of the outcomes

Feedback shows how effective the employer’s efforts were in his/her work. This may be done through production scores of customer satisfaction feedback. This makes the employees to do their work differently to improve the outcome (Anon, 2010). As the internet company, Google easily informs its employees` outcome using computer software.



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